Astavita Renews Title Sponsorship with Ironman Chris Lieto

Mount Laurel, April 10, 2007 – Astavita is pleased to announce the renewal of their Title Sponsorship agreement with professional triathlete, Chris Lieto. This will mark the third year for this sponsorship and the second year as his title sponsor.

Lieto is a 3 time Ironman Champion and was first American to finish at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii this past October, 2006. Remarkably, Chris has also broken 3 bike course records in the last 2 years.

"We are excited to be moving into the third year of this relationship with Chris", explains James Robinson, National Sales Manager of Astavita. "Something has to be working right. I think Chris' continued improvement in performance since first supplementing with Astavita's AstaReal explains that 'something'. We consider ourselves quite fortunate to be involved with such an outstanding athlete and gentleman and are looking forward to another year of exceptional performances from him."

Astavita supplements are powered by the world’s strongest antioxidant called AstaReal® astaxanthin. AstaReal has been found through research to help reduce muscle fatigue and improve recovery and endurance. AstaReal is an all-natural carotenoid which is supported by years of safety and application research.

As part of the agreement, Chris will participate in scheduled races over the next year sporting the Astavita logo on his apparel. He will also be making appearances to autograph posters at a number of triathlon events where Astavita will be exhibiting, including the Wildflower in Lake San Antonio, California and the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI. In addition, Chris has been invited as a guest on Christina Naturally, a CN8 television series with Christina Pirello, the Emmy Award winning healthy cooking show host and author. On the show Chris will be discussing his training program and the secrets to gaining an edge.

"I need to believe in whatever product I accept as the basis to a sponsorship”, remarked Lieto. “When I first started taking Astavita two years ago I noticed an improvement in my recovery after strenuous training days. This quicker recovery allowed me to increase the frequency of my training and shortened the period of recovery between races. Astavita worked for me then and continues to work for me now."

Astavita is a global brand of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd of Toyama, Japan.

For more information contact Astavita at 1-800-507-4011 or [email protected]

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