Astaxanthin Showcases at the 15th International Symposium on Carotenoids in Okinawa

Burlington, NJ, May 12, 2008 – Fuji Health Science, Inc. announces that Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, maker of AstaREAL astaxanthin will showcase the concept of natural astaxanthin for health at the 15th International Symposium on Carotenoids in Okinawa, Japan.

Between June 22 and 27, world renowned researchers will cover broad topics on the science of carotenoids and its latest developments. For the first time ever at this scientific conference there will also be included a separate symposium on astaxanthin set for June 23. According to Charles DePrince, president of Fuji Health Science, “Although astaxanthin symposiums have been common in Japan, this will be the first time one is held at the international level. It is a true milestone for astaxanthin and a clear indication that the body of science supporting this carotenoid has finally taken the notice it deserves.”

The plenary presentation by Wataru Miki, (Symposium Chair/Yamagata University/M&K Ltd., Japan) will focus on astaxanthin’s biochemistry and antioxidant property. It will be followed by invited speakers such as Shigeaki Ohno (Hokkaido University, Japan), Masaharu Ishikura (Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Japan), Masayasu Inoue (Osaka City University, Japan), and Eiji Yamashita (Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd., Japan).

In addition to the astaxanthin symposium on the 23rd, the Carotenoids and Sports Nutrition symposium on June 24 will also highlight the benefits of natural astaxanthin.

Although, Fuji has been sponsoring research and promoting natural astaxanthin for some time, this symposium will provide a platform to emphasize, in one sitting, the latest findings on the health benefits and well-being associated with astaxanthin such as eye health, metabolic syndrome, skin-anti-aging and others.

Other symposiums include Medical Applications of Carotenoids for Vision and Cancer (John W. Erdman Jr., University of Illinois), Carotenoids and Industrial Production of Carotenoids (BASF, Cognis, and DSM) and many others. More than 300 carotenoid scientists are expected to participate in the 6 day conference.

The International Carotenoid Society (ICS) was established August 1966, Leiden, Netherlands, to promote, support and encourage all areas of carotenoid science, pure and applied, academic and commercial, research and educational. 42 years later, the conference continues to draw top researchers from all over the world.

The 15th International Carotenoid Society is sponsored by (in alphabetical order): BASF, Cognis, DSM Nutritionals, Eisai, Fuji Chemical Industry, FujiFilm, Kemin, Kirin Holdings, LycoRed, Nutrilite/Amway, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Rohto Pharmaceuticals and many others.

For more information:
International Carotenoid Society
15th International Symposium on Carotenoids Homepage

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