Atlas Agaricus Fruitbody Obtains Organic Certification from USDA

Fruitbody of Atlas Agaricus blazei, medicinal mushroom grown in US, has received its organic certification from USDA.

Septermber 1, 2004 -- The producer and handler of Atlas Agaricus is proud to formally announce the completion of its USDA handling certification in February 2004.

Atlas Agaricus is natural dietary supplement for immune health. The mushroom has been attracting attention because of its possibility of pharmacological effects. A number of organizations have been studying its efficacy on the liver, a broad spectrum of immune challenges and other conditions.

The product yield of Agaricus blazei mushroom had been extremely low because it could only be grown in unique climatic conditions. Now, as a result of many years of research and experimentation, we succeeded in artificially cultivating 100 tons of the mushroom per month.

The production facility for Atlas Agaricus is located in Pennsylvania at one of the largest mushroom farms in the U.S. and is recognized as the world leader in mushroom spawn production.

Source:Atlas World USA, Inc

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