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Atlas World Introduces Agaricus Bio(TM) Trio for Immune Support

TORRANCE, CA – Atlas World USA, Inc., a leader in manufacturing dietary supplements featuring agaricus blazei Murill, has launched three naturopathic formulas for natural products retailers under the brand name Agaricus Bio™.

Agaricus is a traditional medicinal mushroom originating in Brazil, contains potent polysaccharides (beta glucans) that have been shown to increase the activity of NK cells. Research has also shown a positive relationship with IL-12 cytokines and T-cells. Another phytochemical abundant in A. blazei M, sodium pyroglutamate, has demonstrated activity in immune modulation as well.

The Agaricus Bio™ line now includes a new trio of dietary supplements formulated to help fortify the immune system. All three are formulated to overcome immune-related challenges by invigorating activity of NK cells, T-cells and macrophages.

Agaricus Bio™ Wellness Powder Formula: This all-natural vegetarian-friendly formula features Agaricus blazei mushroom mycelium and fruit body. In addition, Wellness Powder Formula is a source of protein, polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, natural sterol, calcium, vitamin D-2 and potassium.

Agaricus Bio™ Super Liquid: For faster absorption or for those who have difficulty swallowing pills, this alcohol-free, vegetarian-friendly liquid extract formula provides certified organic Agaricus blazei M fruit body. It is extracted using Atlas World’s unique technologically advanced liquid-pressure extraction process that effectively harvests the key components, such as beta glucans.

Agaricus Bio™ SL Extra Strength: For customers who need a stronger dose of Agaricus blazei M, this vegetarian-friendly unique liquid-extract formula contains certified organic Agaricus blazei extracted using Atlas World’s liquid-pressure extraction process. The liquid extract material is then condensed to very low moisture content by low heat/low vacuum concentration. The resulting highly concentrated liquid extract is then encapsulated in vegetarian, very fast dissolution capsules for better delivery and assimilation.

“Agaricus blazei Murill has tremendous promise in the promotion of healthy immune response,” says Yori Takeda, COO. “Immune health is a top concern for natural health shoppers, and is often the foundation of naturopathic protocol. Our Agaricus Bio™ line is recommended by many healthcare professionals, so there is great synergy with natural products retailers. Agaricus blazei products have been one of the most popular food supplements, certainly the most popular immune support product, in Japan. We hope to do a good job in spreading information about health promoting benefits of Agaricus blazei mushroom products in North America. In addition, our three new products provide customers with a choice of delivery and potency, further widening the sales opportunities.”

Atlas World USA, Inc., founded by Shoji Uchiyama is devoted exclusively to the research and formulation of dietary supplements containing Agaricus blazei Murill. For more information, log onto, call (310) 324-6644 or email [email protected].

Yori Takeda
(866) 670-6644

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