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Auromère Introduces Neem Balm – A Potent and Effective Salve for the Skin in Traditional Ayurvedic Style

Lodi, California (January 5, 2006) Auromère Ayurvedic Imports, a leading supplier of body care products, incense and gifts from India, introduces Ayurvedic Neem Balm, a 100% pure and natural healing salve made for hard-to-solve skin conditions. The oil of the neem tree combined with the several active ingredients found in the balm formula have been traditionally used by Ayurvedic specialists to treat a wide variety of epidermal conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, septic sores, burns, insect bites, athlete’s foot, rashes, bruises, cuts, fungal infections, hemorrhoids, hives, inflammation, joint pain, muscle soreness, warts and skin ulcers. “Our new balm is like having an Ayurvedic pharmacy in one little jar,” says Vishnu Eschner, Vice President of Auromère. “The feedback we are getting from our customers is that this product is very potent and has helped the most stubborn of skin conditions including cold sores.” Perfect for soothing dry and itchy skin, Ayurvedic Neem Balm tones the skin and promotes its normal functioning, making the skin soft, moist and youthful. “In addition, the balm is excellent for cracking heels and elbows from severe weather and it nourishes and strengthens nail cuticles and healthy nail tissue,” adds Vishnu.

Ayurvedic Neem Balm is a “treasure chest” of exquisite Indian ingredients in a beeswax base including Neem Oil, Mango Ginger Oil, Sandalwood Oil, and Olive Oil

Ancient Ayurvedic texts site the use of Neem in nearly 100 entries for treating a wide range of diseases and symptoms. The most common historical uses were for treatment of skin diseases, inflammation and fevers. Modern research confirms many of the traditional benefits revealing new ones as well. Due to its many applications, the Neem tree in India is known affectionately as the “village pharmacy”.

Auromère was one of the first importers of Ayurvedic products from India to the United States. The company offers herbal toothpaste, soap, massage oil, lotion, shampoo, incense, as well as books and other products. Auromère works closely with all its suppliers to ensure quality, purity and efficacy. The company does not test on animals. Products are available at finer health food stores, gift stores, spas, pharmacies and other retail outlets in the U.S. as well as their online store at For more information, call 800.735.4691.


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