Australia Funds Redevelopment of Military Nutrition Facility

Minister for Defense Science and Material announced a $12.6 million funding boost for redevelopment of the Scottsdale Defense Nutrition and Food Science facilities in Tasmania on Friday.

“The redevelopment will include important upgrades to pilot food production facilities, and chemistry and nutrition laboratories,” he said.

“These facilities will contribute to providing our frontline troops with the quality nutrition they need to perform at their best.”

Mr Combet said the new facility upgrades cemented the critical role Scottsdale plays in meeting the nutritional needs of the Australian Defense Force.

“The Rudd Government’s $12.6 million funding boost for Scottsdale’s Defense Nutrition and Food Science facilities will arm local food scientists with the resources they need to keep Aussie troops fighting fit long into the future,” Mr Combet said.

“This funding commitment also reaffirms the Rudd Government’s commitment to Scottsdale’s Defense Nutrition and Food Science facilities, local food scientists and the broader community of Scottsdale.”

Mr Combet said the facility upgrades would also have a direct benefit for the broader Scottsdale community, creating jobs and putting money into the local economy.

“The Rudd Government’s $12.6 million upgrade of the Defense Nutrition and Food Science facilities will also have a direct knock-on benefit for the community, creating about 50 construction jobs during construction phase while putting money into the local economy,” Mr Combet said.

The Member for Bass and passionate advocate for North East Tasmania, Jodie Campbell welcomed the announcement, saying the investment would help deliver real economic benefits for the local community.

“This investment in Scottsdale is good news local science and research, good news for jobs and good news for North East Tasmania,” Ms Campbell said.
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