Avesthagen Launches MetaGrid(TM); Redefines Phyto-Fingerprinting

– In an effort for industry to achieve absolute consistency in standardization of multi-constituent plant-based extracts, the research and development team of Avesthagen has unveiled its proprietary MetaGrid™ technology protocol which significantly ups the ante for botanical supplement standardization.

MetaGrid™ is the result of many years of work aimed at improving the final profile of multi-ingredient products batch-to-batch and product-to-product. According to Alex Moffett, CEO of Avesthagen, “extraction and resolution of components present in complex phyto-extracts is an area that has, before the introduction of MetaGrid™, been plagued by a lack of standard operating procedures that permit adequate and uniform standardization and quantitative estimation of metabolites at a comprehensive level.”

Exemplars of the same plant species will differ in potencies of constituents due to a wide range of environmental and cultivational factors, which creates challenges in the material processing to achieve consistency when standardizing to the unique phytonutrient profile of that species. According to Moffett, the metabolite fingerprinting methods commonly employed are focused on less than 10 metabolites that occur in significant proportions within a given extract that may contain several thousand metabolites. “A metabolite profiling approach that is solely focused on major constituents alone will not be able to address the batch-to-batch variations observed in bioactivity, especially in those where the minor constituents are also contributing to the observed bioactivity,” he emphasizes.

MetaGrid’s basis is the development and optimization of novel algorithms that searches for all retention times within the tolerance range provided by the user that accommodates for possible variations in retention time of similar/identical constituents across multiple runs of the same extract, or multiple runs of different extracts that contain the same constituents.

Key benefits of MetaGrid™ are:

Ø Simultaneous profiling of >90% of resolvable constituents of a phytoextract (with respect to each given set of chromatographic column matrix and associated run parameters) across 50 different wavelength windows in the UV-Visible range (190-450 nm) of the absorption spectrum

Ø Linear representation of all validated data points generated using instrument specific data acquisition software allowing the run-time and absorption maxima based visualization of all resolved constituents

Ø The chromatographic data analysis system developed by Avesthagen enables the analyst to focus on the development of metabolite resolution methodologies that capture the chemo-diversity of complex phytoextracts even in the absence of information pertaining to the identities of the individual metabolite components.

“This innovative approach fits well with the concept of bioactivity-guided fractionation since it allows the correlation of observed bioactivity with specific sections of the chromatographic spectrum that represent a fraction of the total metabolite content,” Moffett adds.

Another beneficial application of MetaGrid™ technology may be to the clinical research community, which would be working with finely calibrated uniformly standardized supplements, allowing them to reach more definitive conclusions. Says Moffett, “Researchers conducting clinical trials on the efficacy of specific plant-based extracts would be confident in using dosage material that is phytochemically uniform, which would perhaps then allow them to find a more easily discernible and distinct cause and effect.”

For more information about MetaGrid™ and its viability in manufacture of botanical extracts, please contact Avesthagen at (800) 550-8446.

About Avesthagen

Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (www.avesthagen.com) is India's leading, fully integrated, biotechnology and bioinformatics company, focusing on the convergence between food, pharma and clinical genomics leading to preventive personalized medicine. Avesthagen provides innovative solutions for global health challenges in the areas of degenerative conditions, metabolic disorders and infectious diseases. Founded in 1998, Avesthagen employs more than 250 people worldwide and is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

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