Avoca, Olympic Seafood form krill oil joint venture

Avoca, Olympic Seafood form krill oil joint venture

New venture Rimfrost USA combines Olympic Seafood's raw krill  production material with Avoca's expertise in extraction technology. 

Avoca Inc. and Olympic Seafood AS announced they have formed a joint venture to produce krill oil. The venture is named Rimfrost USA, LLC, and allows for a guaranteed supply of krill oil to the steadily growing market.

The new venture Rimfrost USA, LLC, combines the prowess of Olympic Seafood in producing raw krill material with the expertise of Avoca in extraction technology. “This venture will enable us to produce in the range of 600 tons of krill oil per year, which is equal to the estimated current annual worldwide demand,” said David Peele, President of Avoca. “It ensures our customers are receiving an extremely high quality krill oil, extracted in a cGMP facility, with traceability from krill that are collected in an environmentally sustainable manner.”

Managing Director of Olympic Seafood, Bjørnar Kleiven, reflects Dr. Peele’s statement by saying: “We are very excited to begin a joint venture with Avoca. We are now able to increase our production capacity and supply of top quality krill oil to customers worldwide. Avoca has the extensive background and technologies necessary to extract krill oil to Rimfrost standards with their cGMP facility.”

Avoca is the world’s premier botanical extraction company through its extensive extraction and purification technologies. Avoca has been extracting krill oil for the last two years, but recently saw a spike in demand, which the new joint venture will be able to respond.

Olympic Seafood focuses exclusively on Antarctic krill ingredients. Olympic operates on the Antarctic Ocean with its own specialized krill-collecting vessel, Juvel. The fishing and extraction operations allow total vertical integration which will produce a secured supply of krill material. The immediate on-board processing of fresh krill is done at low temperatures, using patented technology, to provide high quality raw material. This exceptional raw material allows production of krill oil with low oxidation and exceptional quality properties. In addition to the processing on-board the Juvel, Olympic Seafood is proud to have recently received “Friend of the Sea” certification for its krill collecting operation. This ensures the highest possible standards in traceability and sustainability.

Olympic Seafood AS
Olympic Seafood AS focuses exclusively on Antarctic krill ingredients for consumer applications. The flagship brand, the Rimfrost Krill Collection is comprised of Antarctic krill meal, powder and oil. Olympic Seafood takes great pride in its specialized krill-collecting vessel, ‘Juvel’, which operates on the Antarctic Ocean. ‘Juvel’ aims for low emissions and low energy use resulting in reduced climate impact. The proprietary technology on-board allows minimal and rapid processing to safeguard the natural and intrinsic goodness of krill. The vessel is certified by Friend of the Sea and can guarantee 100% traceability.

Avoca Inc.
Avoca is the world’s premier botanical extraction company through its extensive extraction and purification technologies. Avoca is a member of the Pharmachem family of companies. Based in Kearny, N.J., USA, Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. specializes in the manufacture and supply of a wide variety of custom and specialty nutritional ingredients, as well as process services. The company is a NOP-Certified organic handler and processor, operating 13 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and three in Mexico. It is also (c)GMP compliant, producing a variety of ingredients and ingredient systems under strict quality control. pharmachemlabs.com


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