Avon Japan Launches “Avon Life SOD-Yoh Revival Drink” Premium Beverage

Avon Products Co., Ltd. will launch “Avon Life SOD-Yoh (SOD-like) Revival Drink” premium beverage on 15 October 2008. The product contains beauty ingredients to help make skin shiny and supple, aiming to create beauty from the inside. SOD (superoxide dismutase) is an enzyme inside the body that helps the body more effectively rid itself of harmful concentrations of free radicals that accumulate due to stress. However, as the body’s ability to make SOD diminishes with age, SOD-like foodstuffs—plants, roasted grains, and fermented foods that contain high quantities of substances that can act as replacements for SOD—have become the focus of attention. “Avon Life SOD-Yoh Revival Drink” contains a total of 23 beauty ingredients, including amino acids, royal jelly, vitamin C, bacillus subtilis natto-derived fermentation ingredients, lactic-acid bacilli, green tea extract, and vitamin B. The product is priced at JPY 14,700 for 30 x 10 ml bottles.

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