B-Wise, Inc. Introduces “B-Blast” Protein Powder

Murfreesboro, TN. October 18, 2005 – B-Wise, Inc., manufacturer and retailer of specialty vitamin formulas, has announced the launch of B-Wise “B-Blast” Protein Powder.

B-Wise “B-Blast” protein powder gives patients and health care practioners an option regarding B-complex replacement. “Patients who require vitamin B12 replacement have typically been given B12 injections or B12 SL (under the tongue). The form of B12 commonly used has typically been cyanocobalamin. Our formula contains the form of vitamin B12, called methylcobalamin. This form of vitamin B12 is readily absorbed by the body and does not require “conversion” by the liver” Upleger states.

The “B-Blast” formula contains all eight “B” vitamins, including the active form of vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, called P5P or pyridoxal-5-phosphate. The formula also contains chelated iron called Ferrochel, a non-toxic and highly absorbable form of iron with none of the common side effects found with ferrous sulfate. Enriched with vitamin C and d-alpha tocopherol, “B-Blast” is naturally sweetened with stevia and xylitol. Sugar free and fat free, this product contains the “isolate” form of protein, delivering 20 grams of protein per serving.

B-Wise, Inc. was founded by Angela N. Upleger, a Registered Nurse, who practices in the state of Tennessee. “B-Blast” protein powder was formulated with specific consumer needs in mind. “Working in the medical and surgical field as long as I have has shown me the importance of nutrition and vitamin deficiency prevention, specifically the vitamin B group,” states Angela Upleger.

B-Wise “B-Blast” Whey/Soy B-complex protein powder is available to U.S. consumers and International consumers.

For more information contact:
Angela N. Upeger, RN, BNC- President and CEO
Rick Upleger, Vice-President, B-Wise, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1866-61-BWISE (29473)
Fax: 615-848-9328
website: http://bwiseonline.com

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