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Cyvex Nutrition was founded in 1984 by Gilbert Gluck, a noted food scientist with 30 years of experience in the food industry. From the beginning, the company established a culture which was later formalized into the company's mission statement:

"To continue to earn the trust of our customers by providing nutraceuticals of the best possible quality and value, and to do so with superbly responsive service."

Today, Cyvex Nutrition is recognized as an industry leader and noted for its innovative technological advances. Cyvex was a pioneer in the development of nutritional marine ingredients such as shark cartilage, green-lipped mussel and sea cucumber powders. In the 1990s, Cyvex introduced BioVin®, a full-spectrum French grape extract which has now grown into a broad line of grape extract ingredients. The 90's decade saw the compa¬ny expand its product offerings to include a full line of nutritional supplement ingredients.

As the 21st century unfolds, Cyvex continues to be at the forefront of nutraceutical prod¬uct development, supplying innovative ingredients to manufacturers of premier nutritional supplements. True to its mission statement, Cyvex has also been innovative in assuring the highest level of customer service. For example, product and manufacturing quality are assured to Cyvex customers because of two significant accomplishments in recent Cyvex history.

• NutriPrint™, a unique and innovative quality assurance certification system guaran¬tees the potency, purity and safety of all Cyvex products.
• ISO 9002 certification makes Cyvex Nutrition one of the few industry ingredient suppliers that operates under the internationally recognized ISO 9000 standards.

"We are convinced that our industry is about to experience a quality and stability revolu¬tion which will impact the way we do business," says Cyvex's Director of Science and Technology Michael Yatcilla, Ph.D. "There will be a time in the near future when price is not the primary factor which determines the ingredients in America's natural food prod¬ucts."

Cyvex has backed up Dr. Yatcilla's prediction by setting the standards for quality, potency and stability assurance in the 21st century.

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