Balchem Corporation Moves Into New Headquarters Encapsulated Business Segment Driving Growth

NEW HAMPTON, N.Y., Feb. 3 -- Balchem Corporation (AMEX:BCP) , parent company of Balchem Encapsulates and provider of encapsulation delivery solutions to the food and animal feed industries, announced that it has moved into new corporate headquarters in New Hampton, N.Y. The 20,000-square-foot building on Sunrise Park Road contains office space and laboratories for research and development of product applications.

"The increasing demand of manufacturers looking to stabilize ingredients coupled with consumers looking for restaurant-quality, convenient food continues to fuel growth for our Encapsulates business," said Dino A. Rossi, president and CEO of Balchem Corporation. "We needed a new facility that could accommodate our growth and provide additional laboratory space for our expanding R&D and customer collaboration efforts."

In recent years, Balchem Corporation has grown from 50 employees to more than 250. The new facility will house more than 50 employees with space available for additional growth. As of third quarter, the Encapsulates business segment reported a 38 percent increase in sales over the comparable period in 2001. The company develops and manufactures specialty-microencapsulated ingredients for use in dough leavening, flavor enhancement, nutrient fortification and animal feed. The company has existing manufacturing facilities in Slate Hill, N.Y., Verona, Mo. and Green Pond, S.C.

One particular area of expansion is the company's applications laboratory, which was designed with the latest equipment for applications testing. There is also space for customers to work in collaboration with Balchem technical application specialists.

"Balchem is focused on driving innovation and exploring broader applications for our encapsulation technology," said Winston A. Samuels, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of Balchem Encapsulates. "We invested in our applications laboratory to allow us to work in closer collaboration with customers in a comfortable, interactive atmosphere and to identify ways to match our technology's strengths to genuine market needs today and in the future."

About Balchem Encapsulates

Balchem Encapsulates, a business segment of Balchem Corporation (AMEX:BCP) , provides high-performance encapsulated products globally to the food and animal nutrition and health industries. An industry leader since 1967, Balchem specializes in the development and manufacture of proprietary microencapsulation technology (essentially protective coatings) that control, protect and deliver a wide range of ingredients. Balchem's technology is particularly suited for manufacturers looking to optimize production, increase shelf life, improve end-product quality and enhance nutritional fortification. Current product lines include Bakeshure(R), Flavorshure(R), Vitashure(TM), Confecshure(R) and Meatshure(R). Balchem is also a leading manufacturer of USP-grade choline for human nutrition. Balchem is headquartered in New Hampton, N.Y. with manufacturing facilities in Slate Hill, N.Y., Green Pond, S.C., and Verona, Mo. Information about Balchem and its products can be found at

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