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Ballerina-developed nutrition bar Barre debuts

Ballerina-developed nutrition bar Barre debuts
Barre products marry superfoods such as spirulina, walnuts, hemp seed, flax and dates in the form of a handy snack.

What do two professional ballet dancers do between grueling practices and a hectic worldwide travel schedule? Start a successful nutrition bar business in their kitchen, of course! Barre (, the real food nutrition bar developed by dancers and created for everyone, is an easy on-the-go snack. A deliciously virtuous vegan treat, it's designed for pure performance by using mostly raw, good-for-you food - no unpronounceable ingredients!

Julia Erickson, a Principal Dancer with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, and her partner Aaron Ingley, also a professional ballet dancer who conveniently holds a business degree, launched Barre in 2011. Since then, it has skyrocketed to success by meeting an unfilled need in the dance and health food worlds.

Unsuccessful in her quest to find a nutrition bar that delivered on both content and flavor, she traded her tutu for an apron and set out to create her own - one that was tasty yet met the high nutritional standards required for one of the world's most rigorous professions.

In her kitchen, Julia came up with the first Barre flavor: Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan, with Black Swan Chocolate Berry and Ballerina Spirulina soon taking the stage. Barre delivers the perfect balance of fast yet sustainable energy, protein, fiber, and minerals. It is easy to digest, aids in muscle recovery and promotes electrolyte balance, all without being overly heavy.

"For many years, I've worked with some of the country's top nutritionists and have done tons of research-in and outside of the studio-to learn about the best way to fuel my body efficiently while maintaining my physique," says Erickson. "I want to share these tricks of the trade not only with dancers, but also with the rest of the world, so everyone can perform at their best both on and off the stage."

Barre products marry superfoods such as spirulina (said to be one of the world's most healthful foods), walnuts, hemp seed, flax, and dates in the form of a handy snack you can throw in your bag for whenever you need a pick me up - whether you're a professional ballerina, mom on the go or high-powered CEO.

Barre's mission is to encourage healthy eating habits, in the dance world and in the increasingly fitness-minded public. "Barre was born out of necessity," says Ingley. "We want everyone to know that eating exceptionally healthful food needn't be dull or tedious - it can taste good and be good for you."

Their desire to share the benefits of good nutrition is equally as important to Erickson and Ingley as sharing the benefits of the arts. A portion of all proceeds goes toward various art education charity groups.

Barre comes in three flavorful and satisfying flavors, including: Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan, Black Swan Chocolate Berry and Ballerina Spirulina.

About Barre

Barre is a pure performance real food nutrition bar developed by two professional ballet dancers. Just reading the labels on most energy bars was enough to throw them off balance - that's when they traded in their leotards for aprons and came up with their own real food bar. Barre not only tastes good, but it's good for you! Made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients that promotes sustained energy, it's perfect for real athletes and real people providing peak performance both on and off the stage. A portion of all proceeds are donated to various arts education groups. For more information, including where you can purchase Barre, please visit

  • Barre is specially formulated to be a perfect before and after workout or anytime go-to snack...nutritionally balanced for maximum quick and sustained energy, muscle support and electrolyte replacement.
  • Barre is vegan-friendly. Made with whole food ingredients, it contains no animal products and is free of common allergens such as soy and wheat.
  • Barre is high in Omega-3s, with no refined sugar. Natural ingredients include agave, cocoa, cranberries, dates, flax seeds, hemp seed, oats, pecans, sea salt, sunflower seeds, and walnuts.
  • Barre is available online at and nationwide at dance stores, dance studios, fitness centers, and natural food stores, such as select Whole Food markets.


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