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BAREFOOT BOTANICALS(TM) Offers 'An Ounce of Prevention' In Light of Breast Cancer/Paraben Study

NEW YORK, New York (April 2, 2004) Barefoot Botanicals Ltd., a U.S. company that markets petrochemical-free, natural personal care products, wants to offer consumers a paraben-free choice when it comes to skin and hair preparations.

In a report in January 2004 by P.D. Darbre, et al conducted at England’s University of Reading and published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, research indicated that 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumors examined contained scientifically significant concentrations of parabens, a family of frequently used preservatives that can be found in food and personal care products. Furthermore, the study suggested that these substances entered the body via the skin as opposed to being ingested.

“This research is incomplete but should be enough to create an environment of concern spurring increased investigation rather than counter positioning,” announced Wil Baker, President of Barefoot Botanicals. “Unfortunately, we have entered a time where toxicity load (also referred to as a person’s ‘body burden’) must be measured and studied. Anything we can do to eliminate excessive chemicals and pollutants in our systems in order to ‘lighten our load’ is definitely to our advantage!”

Wil adds, “Barefoot Botanicals is simply suggesting that ‘an ounce of prevention’ is an obvious choice. The ingredients in our shampoo, lotion, facial cleanser -- all of our products – are made of ingredients that are of 100% plant origin, GMO free and certified organic wherever possible.” The company’s mission embraces high quality product standards while consciously avoiding chemical additives – a plus for the consumer and the environment.

Barefoot Botanicals offers the Rosa Fina™ all-natural skin care range plus the S.O.S hair care line featuring pure plant alchemy – safely enjoyed by humans but never tested on animals! Products are available in health food stores, natural pharmacies and through mail order.

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