Bascom Maple Farms Acquires Vermont Gold

The 7th Generation Maple Farmer & Producer Also Announces New Branded Products Company

Alstead, New Hampshire – Bascom Maple Farms, a 7th generation maple producer and family farm, announced today that it has expanded its family of specialty food products and services by acquiring Brattleboro, Vermont - based Vermont Gold. The acquisition, which includes both the brand name and the Vermont manufacturing facility, enhances Bascom’s production capability and expands their presence in the specialty maple products category.

“The capability of the Vermont Gold production facility is excellent and we will benefit from their solid reputation and expertise in the specialty maple confections market,” says Bruce Bascom, a 7th generation maple farmer and President of Bascom Maple Farms. “In return, we have a great deal of resources and experience to contribute to Vermont Gold operations,” he adds.

Over the years, Bascom Maple Farms has grown to be one of the largest independent maple wholesalers in the nation, yet they remain true to their New England agricultural roots. The company is one of the few remaining maple wholesalers that continue the tradition of maple farming. Bascom Maple Farms supports a network of small independent farmers throughout the Northeast that share their dedication to artisan quality by providing them with pre-season credits, equipment, training and resources.

“Its important for maple packing companies to stay as close to the source as possible to maintain and influence product quality,” says Bascom. “We operate our maple farm because it’s a labor of love, and it keeps us in constant touch with the community of farmers on the ground tapping trees and boiling sap,” he adds. “They appreciate that we’re not just buyers – we’re experienced farmers that care about the forest and syrup quality just like they do,” he adds.

Bascom Maple Farms also announced the establishment of Bascom Family Farms, a new branded products company that will service customers of their popular Brown Family Farms, Coombs Family Farms and Vermont Gold brands. “Bascom Family Farms will provide retailers with convenient one-stop order fulfillment and customer support for three high-quality brands offering a wide range of specialty maple products,” states Arnold Coombs, a 7th generation maple producer that will manage the new branded products company. Bascom Family Farms will also manage an extensive private label and contract packing business and provide integrated services for all retail customers.

Bascom Family Farms will perform sales and marketing functions for lines of organic and pure maple products including: maple syrup, maple sugar, maple candy, maple butters, crepe mixes, flavored syrups, pancake mixes, ketchup, grilling and roasting sauces, confections, and numerous other gourmet treats and gift sets. For more information, email [email protected] or call (888) 266-6271.

Michael LeBel,

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