BC Functional Food & Nutraceutical Network, Western Economic Diversification & Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Present an International Conference on Business Opportunities in Japan

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, November 17, 2003, The British Columbia Functional Food & Nutraceutical Network announced that it will host JAPAN 2003 on November 24, 2003, a one day conference (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel to commemorate a HISTORIC year for the Canadian Functional Food and Nutraceutical Industry.

Dr. David Kitts, director of BCFN & Professor at the Faculty of Agricultural Science, UBC, announced that funding totaling $22 MILLION for a NATIONAL STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE, research network, has been awarded to Canadian researchers to fund research on biomaterials and functional foods. The NCE grant has a major component to examine the efficacy, effectiveness, safety of functional foods as well as ethical considerations for regulatory approval. “This grant marks the Federal Governments’ biggest recognition symbol to date of how FUNCTIONAL FOODS may contribute to the health and wellness of the Canadian Consumer” said Kitts.

The Canadian market for Health Products and Functional Foods has been estimated at $1.6-$2.4 Billion. The Functional Food product category or Food for Specific Use (FOSHU) originated in Japan, where the Functional Food & Nutraceutical market has grown from $2.1 Billion in 1987 to over $21 Billion in 2002.

JAPAN 2003 will shed light on opportunities for functional foods, nutraceuticals and natural health products in Japan with an emphasis on marketing and product development. Presentations by nine experts in this field include representatives from Mitsubishi Canada Ltd., Daiichi Fine Chemicals, Inc., California Functional Foods, Danisco Japan Ltd., the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and the Japanese FOSHU regulatory body. For detailed information visit the BCFN website at www.bcfn2.com.

British Columbia Functional Food & Nutraceutical Network (BCFN) is a not for-profit industry association serving a diverse membership comprised of individuals, businesses, government agencies and academic institutions involved in the functional food, nutraceutical and natural health product industry.

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