BC Natural Foods, LLC Acquires Two Industry Leaders: Penn Valley Farms -- Producer of Hans' All Natural Products, and Pennfield Farms -- Premium All Natural Chicken

GOLDEN, Colo.--Aug. 18, 2003--BC Natural Foods of Golden, Colo., announced today its acquisition of Chicago-based Penn Valley Farms, national producer of the popular Hans' All Natural(TM) product line.

BC Natural also stated it completed its previously announced purchase of Pennfield Farms all natural premium chicken.

BC Natural Foods owns interests in Petaluma Poultry, B3R Country Meats, Coleman Natural Products and Gerhard's Napa Valley Sausage.

"We are very excited about the new partnership," said Kurt Penn, CEO and Founder of Penn Valley Farms. "The natural and organic protein industry has experienced aggressive growth and is clearly where the future of the meat industry is headed. BC Natural Foods provides a great platform to leverage our success with the Hans' All Natural(TM) brand. By joining the BC Natural Foods family of companies, we will have the resources to fully take advantage of the growth potential for Penn Valley Farms."

BC Natural Foods also announced it has closed on its purchase of the poultry meat division of Pennfield Farms, based in Fredericksburg, Pa. Pennfield processes and markets fresh, high-quality chicken products. Its all-natural premium chicken is raised using no animal by-products and is known as "The Right Chicken."

Mike Horn, president and CEO of Pennfield Corp., said: "The ability to produce quality products and provide a safe working environment for our associates and a leadership commitment to the communities in which we work are principles upheld since our company was founded. We are confident that BC's resources, experience and integrity will propel Pennfield Farms to new heights, greatly benefiting our customers and associates."

"We are pleased to welcome both Penn Valley Farms and Pennfield Farms to the BC Natural Foods family of all natural and organic protein products," said Jeff Swain, CEO of BC Natural Foods. "We are now able to market effectively to our discerning customers by offering a wider variety of organic and natural products nationwide."

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