Beat Crazy Cocoa Prices with Synergy's Chocolate Flavors

A sharp increase in cocoa prices has forced many food and drink manufacturers to cut back on the ingredient and look for alternative ways to achieve that winning chocolate taste. Synergy’s chocolate flavors offer a versatile solution for cocoa reduction and can be used as cocoa extenders. Natural and artificial (N&A) or artificial, the flavors offer a cost-effective, high quality solution and can partially replace cocoa in a wide range of products, including beverages, baked goods, confectionery and desserts.

Producers of baked goods and beverages including chocolate milk, hot cocoa and dry sports nutrition drinks have been particularly affected by the cocoa price hikes and will benefit from Synergy’s offering and applications expertise. Synergy can help customers to partially substitute cocoa in these formulations, offering sound, realistic advice on suitable substitution levels. A major potentiator in chocolate flavors is vanilla. With its Vanlab brand vanillas, Synergy has been basic in this category since 1911, making it a natural choice.

“By reducing the amount of cocoa in a product and supplementing it with Synergy’s chocolate flavors, customers can save considerable costs and enjoy the reassurance of future price stability,” said Greg Bach, Director of Business Development at Synergy Flavors. “As a reliable, trustworthy partner, our advice is to only partially replace cocoa with our flavors, because they cannot compensate for cocoa powder’s physical attributes such as mouthfeel, body, color, astringency and bulking. As producers are forced to seek out alternatives and innovative solutions to beat the cocoa crisis, we are ready and waiting, and more than happy to help.”

Synergy is Carbery’s flavor ingredients business. With extensive experience in many sectors of the food, beverage and nutritional products industries, Synergy provides integrated products and services for the creation of delicious tastes. To a global customer base, the company offers a wide range of sweet flavorings including organic, as well as Vanlab branded vanilla products and Saporesse branded savory ingredients. Synergy has production, R&D, and technical facilities in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. Synergy offers local access to its expertise and provides a strong portfolio of customized and cost-effective flavors to all its markets.

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