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BEFLORA - The Sweet Measure of Success

February, 2002; Wayne, New Jersey…….Triarco Industries, Inc. The Food and Drug Administration has granted GRAS status to BeFlora, a sweet, prebiotic fiber distributed by Triarco Industries. The GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list is established by the FDA and consists of substances determined to be safe through either scientific testing, or extensive usage dating before 1958.

The BeFlora formulations have been sold in Europe for over 8 years and are currently used in the French healthcare system as a dietary supplement. In the U.S., BeFlora and BeFlora Plus are key and versatile ingredients contained in numerous supplements, drinks and food items. Each formula provides a synergistic blend of oligofructose derived from the chicory root and proprietary enriched sprouted mung bean extract. This clinically-proven blend has been shown to selectively feed and nourish the friendly bacteria of the intestinal tract to establish a healthy microbial balance. As a prebiotic fiber source, BeFlora can nutritionally support intestinal transmit time and support regularity.

While there are several health claims that can be made for Triarco’s BeFlora, our formulas also offer pure, white, odorless powders with a bland mouth feel and sweet perception that can accentuate the flavor of thousands of formulas -- without any perceptable aftertaste, as sometimes experienced with “overly-sweet” sugar substitutes. BeFlora has a sweetness charateristic equivalent to sugar; while BeFlora Plus has a sweetness characteristic equal to 8-10 times that of ordinary table sugar, making it a tasty, cost-effective addition to numerous powders, drinks and foods including bars, yogurt, cakes and cookies. In addition, BeFlora and BeFlora Plus lend themselves nicely to chewable tablets and wafers, and may be a welcomed, “tooth-friendly” addition to children’s formulas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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