Beghin Say Ligne Sweetener adds Stevia PureCircle trust mark

Beghin Say Ligne Sweetener adds Stevia PureCircle trust mark

The Beghin Say Ligne brand, which is a blend of sugar and stevia extracts available in France, now carries the Stevia PureCircle® trust mark.

Beghin Say, a major international brand in sugar and sweeteners, expanded its line of nutritional sugars in France last December with the launch of Beghin Say Ligne, sweetened with natural origin stevia extracts by PureCircle.®   The successful Beghin Say Ligne brand now carries the Stevia PureCircle® trust mark. 

Beghin Say Ligne is the newest sweetener under the Beghin Say brand and the first sweetened with natural origin stevia extracts.  It consists of a blend of sugar and stevia extracts by PureCircle® that provide the same sweetness as Beghin Say’s other sugar products, but with less sugar and calories per portion.  Stevia by PureCircle® is a great tasting, natural origin sweetening ingredient derived from the stevia plant.

“Consumer demand for more natural, great tasting calorie reduction continues to grow around the world,” said Jason Hecker, Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation for PureCircle.  “Beghin Say Ligne is a great example of the benefits of bringing together two great sweeteners—stevia and sugar to meet these consumer needs.”

Beghin Say Ligne is yet another example of a product choosing to communicate the naturally sweet benefits of stevia extracts via the Stevia PureCircle® trust mark.  The trust mark is currently being licensed by leading brands in the EU, US, Latin America, Europe and Asia across more than 85 food and beverage products such as Silk Light soymilk, True Lemonade drink mix and Steviacane table top sweetener in the US, as well as Go Coco coconut water in Australia and 100% Stevia table top sweetener in Brazil.  It serves as a symbol of quality and reliable sourcing for consumers and is supported by such activities as PureCircle’s We Grow Joy campaign ( and the Global Stevia Institute (

“The success of our natural origin Beghin Say Ligne line, since launching last December, demonstrates stevia’s broad consumer appeal,” said Michel Laborde, Commercial Director of Tereos. “The Stevia PureCircle® trust mark uniquely gives us the ability to both lever this powerful message and reassure consumers about the quality of our ingredients.”

Beghin Say Ligne is nationally distributed in France under Tereos’ Beghin Say brand.  The nutritional line with natural origin stevia extracts, now available in both white and brown sugar cubes, is supported by a national marketing campaign.

About PureCircle

PureCircle ( is the global leader in the production of high purity stevia products. PureCircle is leading the industry with the development of a vertically integrated, sustainable and natural supply chain. Stevia is now being grown for PureCircle across South America, Africa, Asia, and the United States where it provides a sustainable cash crop for rural farming communities in each region.  PureCircle has developed a broad portfolio of ingredient solutions and has pioneered such ingredients as Reb A, SG95, stevia/sugar combinations and recently introduced breakthrough ingredient PureCircle Alpha for deeper calorie reductions.  The company has also brought to market PureCircle Flavors, which were developed to enhance flavour and sweetness of other stevia sweeteners, sugar and HFCS.  PureCircle has extended its reach through joint venture partnerships with leaders in the sugar industry, including Imperial Sugar in the US to create Natural Sweet Ventures, as well as Tereos and Nordzucker in Europe to create Tereos PureCircle Solutions and NPSweet A/S.  As part of its leadership of the stevia industry, PureCircle has pioneered the industry trust mark Stevia PureCircle®, which educates consumers about the benefits of stevia and provides a strong base of trust for both consumers and food & beverage companies alike.  The company has also developed the Global Stevia Institute ( led by a global advisory board of internationally recognized health professionals with the mission of promoting accurate, science based information on stevia.  PureCircle’s global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PureCircle shares are traded on the LSE AIM index.

About Beghin Say

Beghin Say is a trademark of Tereos, a leading global sugar manufacturer present on three continents: Europe, South America and Africa.  Beghin Say holds the largest range of sugars and offers traditional sugars, specialty sugars, sugars for jellies, flavoured sugars, nutritional sugars and cane sugars under the international brand La Perruche.

About Tereos Group

Tereos Group headquartered in Lille, France, is a cooperative agro-industrial group that specialises in the primary processing of sugar beet, sugarcane and cereals. Thanks to the commitment of the 12,000 beet farmers and the 40,000 grain farmers in France who are its cooperative partners, the Tereos Group has expanded considerably over the last twenty years, increasing its total production of sugar, starch and alcohol by a factor of 50. This expansion enables Tereos to respond to the challenges of worldwide consolidation in its business sectors, increasing globalisation of its markets and volatile commodity prices. Its 35 production facilities in Europe, South America and the Indian Ocean offer long-term outlets for one million hectares of cultivated farmland. Tereos has a workforce of 17,000 permanent employees involved in producing and processing sugar beet, sugarcane and cereals and marketing a comprehensive range of sugars, starches and bioethanol, along with by-products used for animal feed and power generation. Thanks to its ability to anticipate future developments, its expertise, technological skills and knowledge of its markets, Tereos is now one of the world's leading players in its business areas. True to its long-term vision of agriculture, Tereos creates value from the natural resources it processes while reducing its environmental impact and offering employees a pleasant working environment.  For more information about Tereos Group, visit


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