BENEO Highlights Products, Services at IFT Booth 6447

Of all the industry news and product developments to be highlighted at this year’s IFT Expo in Chicago, functional foods and healthy alternatives formulated with ingredients marketed by BENEO continue to create some of today’s hottest food industry headlines.

To begin with, in the US, BENEO-Orafti, BENEO-Palatinit and BENEO-Remy have joined forces to best serve the food and beverage industries as BENEO Inc. Through this change, BENEO is expressing its commitment to being the premier partner for innovation in health- and nutrition-related markets. For the first time visitors to IFT Booth 6447 will gain insights from experts about BENEO’s complete food ingredients range all derived from the natural sources of chicory, sugar beet and rice.

BENEO is fully focused on functional ingredients which combine technical, nutritional and health benefits and will continue to differentiate itself by providing customized support in the areas of application knowledge, process technology, market and consumer insight.

At this year’s IFT Expo BENEO will present the recently launched BENEO-Institute that provides optimum support to partners on nutritional science and communication as well as regulatory affairs which are crucial elements in today’s successful product innovation.

BENEO will also be showing its new “Solutions Platform” approach, synergizing the technical and nutritional benefits of its ingredients while supporting its customers throughout the entire product development process of innovative, balanced products for the dairy, beverage, bakery & cereal, baby food and confectionery segments.

IFT attendees are invited to visit BENEO to see and discuss how its ingredients and support can drive the success of their brands and products. Four categories of food products will be highlighted for sampling at the booth,

• Fiber-enriched Granola Clusters - A delicious breakfast cereal packed with fiber and a tasty nutritious snack;
• Gluten-free cookies – Gluten-free, fiber-enriched baked goods for the whole family
• Fruit-blend energy drink – Recharge your body and mind with a boost of sustained energy; and
• FUN-ction – A creamy non-dairy beverage in two exciting flavors, piña colada and mango/passion fruit

The BENEO product portfolio consists of functional ingredients with nutritional and technical advantages, derived from chicory roots (inulin, oligofructose), beet sugar (ISOMALT, Palatinose™) and rice (rice starches, -proteins, -flours, -concentrates etc). BENEO is the ideal partner to help improve the health, taste, texture and nutritional value (fat and sugar replacement/fiber enrichment) of a product. Through a unique chain of expertise, including the BENEO-Institute, BENEO actively supports (industry partners in) the development of more balanced and healthy food products. Mindful of the complex knowledge required for successful product development, BENEO has established the BENEO-Institute to provide insights and support on nutritional science, marketing communications and regulatory affairs for BENEO customers, focusing on health-related topics including weight management, energy for mental and physical performance, and digestive, bone and dental health.

BENEO is a division of the Südzucker Group and has a turnover of €350 million, employs almost 900 people and has production units in Belgium, Germany, Chile and Italy.

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