BENEO Label Makes Strides in Spain, Panama

The BENEO Label is making great strides in Spain and Panama with two major Spanish supermarket chains adding it to their healthy product ranges, and the largest dairy producer in Panama using it on two of its newest dairy products. The wide range of products that now carry the BENEO Label continues to demonstrate the appeal that the program has across the globe.

The BENEO Label Program, which first began as a European-led joint initiative between food manufacturers and BENEO in Belgium, is designed to communicate the health benefits of Orafti inulin and oligofructose (prebiotic ingredients), through the use of one easy-to-understand quality label. The label provides products with a recognizable symbol that indicates to consumers that the products contain a sufficient amount of Orafti inulin or oligofructose to support a scientifically proven health claim.

BENEO Label at El Corte Ingles and Hipercor

El Corte Ingles and Hipercor, Spain’s largest supermarket chains, have recently launched Bebida de Chufa, a functional drink which includes BENEO’s Orafti Synergy1 (a patented form of oligofructose enriched inulin). Bebida de Chufa is part of Special Line, a healthy product range developed by El Corte Ingles and Hipercor that carries the BENEO Label as it contains a sufficient amount of Orafti ingredients to promote a healthy intestinal flora. A single 200ml glass of Bebida de Chufa not only promotes good digestive health, but also provides 30% of daily requirements for zinc and vitamins A, C and E, in addition to its health enhancing antioxidant properties.

Tim Van der Schraelen, Marketing Communication Manager at BENEO comments: “We are delighted that big supermarket chains such as El Corte Ingles and Hipercor are acknowledging the value of a quality label such as BENEO. We hope that other countries will see the success of healthy product ranges such as Special Line and realize the potential of communicating the health benefits of our ingredients through the BENEO Label. Our excellent knowledge and understanding of the functional market and consumer behavior allows us to provide a high quality service, ensuring that initiatives like our BENEO Label Program continue to support our customers in their new product development.”

BENEO Label in Panama

Although the BENEO Label is on many products across the globe, it is thanks to Estrella Azul Industrias Lácteas that the BENEO Label has now arrived in Panama. Estrella Azul, the largest dairy producer in Panama, has developed two products: Vita Slim LOW Fat, a fat-reduced milk, and NON Fat Milk, a reformulated non-fat milk, both promoting calcium absorption and active fiber with BENEO’s patented and unique Orafti Synergy1 ingredient. The products have been well received having benefitted from an extensive marketing support campaign that has included TV commercials throughout the country.

New product launches from around the world

As the BENEO Program has grown, so has the number of products launched around the world. Here is a sample of some of the latest product launches:

Spain: UHT tiger nut drink - Bebida de Chufa - included in the healthy range of products SPECIAL LINE from the supermarkets El Corte Inglés and HIPERCOR. This vegetable drink promotes the prebiotic effect due to the incorporation of Orafti Synergy1.

Panama: Vita Slim LOW Fat Milk (1.5% fat) and NON Fat Milk (less than 0.1% fat) with active fibers from Estrella Azul, the largest dairy producer in Panama. Both milks include Orafti Synergy1 and promote a better intestinal transit as well as better calcium absorption.

Brazil: Palate Chocolate Active, powder chocolate mix with fibers from Savon. The inulin fiber contributes to the balance of the intestinal flora.

Germany: Fruit + Veg - Figur Plus – powder mix from GSK (Abtei) promoting the satiety effect due to the mix of fibers from fruit and vegetable origin.

Romania: Two food supplements from Innergy: Bifido-Plus and In-Ca. Bifido-Plus promotes the bifidogenic effect and a better intestinal transit while In-Ca promotes an improved calcium absorption and bone mineral density.

Macedonia: BALANS bread from Zito Vardar. White bread containing inulin fiber for improved digestion.

BENEO Label goes digital

As the website grows stronger by the day, with over 22,000 visitors per month, new sections continue to be added. To further communicate the benefits of the BENEO Label, a new advice section has been included on the website called My FeelGood Factor. The objective is to create an online environment where people interested in nutrition and health can find relevant information. A nutritionist gives new advice to consumers every month. In addition, the BENEO Label program has its own dedicated Facebook page to educate consumers on the BENEO Label and drive awareness of the program.

To find out more about the BENEO™ Program or how to become a partner please visit http://www.beneo.comor go to the BENEO™ Label Facebook page.

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