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Beneo launches RemyLiVe rice bran at FI Europe

Beneo launches RemyLiVe rice bran at FI Europe
Key applications for BENEO's RemyLiVe shelf stable rice bran include cereals and bars, baked goods and meat.

At this year's Fi Europe (FiE) in Paris, BENEO - one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients - announces the launch of its optimized shelf stable rice bran, RemyLiVe. Visit BENEO at Fi Europe and Ni 2011, Nov. 29th - Dec. 1st, Paris, Hall 4 Stand: 12.

BENEO's RemyLiVe offers food producers a high quality, stable product that encompasses a wide range of nutritional and functional benefits. In addition to being hypoallergenic, wholegrain, gluten-free and rich in anti-oxidants and phytosterols, the shelf stable rice bran also improves the structure, shelf-life, texture and machinability of food products.

Key applications for BENEO's RemyLiVe shelf stable rice bran include cereals and bars, baked goods and meat. In cereals, it can allow wholegrain claims, and improves bowl-life and crunchiness. Increased benefits can also be achieved by combining RemyLiVe with other functional ingredients from BENEO. For example, when combined with BENEO's prebiotic fiber, inulin, the result is gluten-free baked goods with an improved nutritional profile and structure. The addition of inulin in meat products offers fat replacement and enhanced texture properties. RemyLiVe rice bran can also be combined with BENEO's oligofructose, or sugar replacer, ISOMALT, when formulating for  sugar-reduction, and improved structure and shelf-life in baked goods.

NutraCea, a global leader in the production and marketing of value-added products derived from rice bran, produces RemyLiVe under the terms of the distribution and cooperation agreement that was entered into in September, 2011. The shelf stable rice bran from BENEO will be available in more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as well as Russia, India, Australia and New Zealand from the first quarter of 2012 onwards.  

Pierre Donck, Product Manager RemyLiVe, stated, "The nutritional and technical benefits of RemyLiVe make it a highly versatile ingredient. This nutritionally optimized product not only improves the texture and stability of a wide range of foods, but it also expands BENEO's offerings to include a wholegrain or gluten-free product option. We strongly believe that our customers will benefit greatly from this value-added ingredient."

For further information on BENEO and its ingredients, please visit:

The BENEO product portfolio consists of functional ingredients with nutritional and technical advantages, derived from chicory roots, beet sugar, rice and wheat.  BENEO is the ideal partner to help improve the health (weight management, energy for mental & physical performance, digestive, bone and dental health), taste, texture and nutritional value (fat and sugar replacement/fiber enrichment) of a product. Through a unique chain of expertise, including the BENEO-Institute, BENEO actively supports industry partners in the development of more balanced and healthy food products.

BENEO is a division of the Südzucker Group, employs almost 900 people and has production units in Belgium, Chile, Germany and Italy.

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