BENEO-Orafti Going for Gold With IFS Certification

December 11, 2009 (Morris Plains, NJ) - BENEO-Orafti’s latest achievement provides greater reassurance for customers. BENEO-Orafti is once again leading the way for the functional ingredients industry following the announcement that its factory in Oreye, Belgium has been awarded a higher level International Food Standard (IFS) certification.

The higher level certificate was recently awarded to BENEO-Orafti following an audit of its Oreye factory. The results of the audit showed that BENEO-Orafti successfully fulfilled the criteria required to demonstrate product safety across all of its product lines.

Giving a point of difference
In addition to qualifying in the individual sections of the review with flying colors, BENEO-Orafti was awarded the higher level certificate for having achieved an outstanding and rarely given score of 97%. The certification, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), sets BENEO-Orafti apart from its direct competitors, who have yet to achieve such an accreditation.

This accomplishment will provide existing and potential customers with the added reassurance that all of BENEO-Orafti’s products are produced to the highest quality in excellent facilities to ensure the best results.

Dedicated to high standards
Dominique Speleers, Managing Director at BENEO-Orafti, commented, “We’re extremely pleased to have been awarded the IFS higher level certificate and look forward to the increased opportunities this certification will bring to the company. This is a significant benchmark for BENEO-Orafti and a very important signal to our customers that we are dedicated to ensuring that our products meet the highest standards. Needless to say, we will be striving for a perfect score next year.”

About BENEO-Orafti
BENEO-Orafti is a part of the BENEO-Group and a division of the Südzucker Group. BENEO-Orafti is the world leader in the production and sale of functional food ingredients derived from chicory. The company's Orafti® inulin and oligofructose products have been scientifically proven to improve the balance of the body’s intestinal flora by stimulating its own beneficial bifidobacteria and helping the body to absorb more essential nutrients such as calcium from the diet.

Orafti® ingredients can be the basis for well-balanced food products that improve digestive health and the feeling of well-being. With a head office in Tienen, Belgium, BENEO-Orafti operates in more than 75 countries and has production units in Oreye (Belgium) and Pemuco (Chile).

For further business information, please contact:
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