Beyond Traditional – Goat Cream Cheese - MEYENBERG® Introduces Two New Products

Turlock, CA — MEYENBERG® America’s leading goat milk producer, has introduced two new members to its family of gourmet products fulfilling a niche market, yet to be pursued. MEYENBERG’s Beyond Traditional Goat Cream Cheese and Garlic & Chive Goat Cream Cheese are made with a rich goat cream that lends itself to a sophisticated and subtle tangy flavor: A luscious crème de chevre! The uniqueness of these cream cheeses comes from its high content of premium goat cream, resulting in a product that moves beyond the traditional ‘cow milk’ cream cheeses presently on the market.

“The flavor is reminiscent of chevres,” says Carol Jackson, duel owner of MEYENBERG, “ but it is lighter, with a delightfully smooth ‘mouth feel’. I love the ease of spreading it on my toast, and it creates an enticing sauce when lightly heated.”

Both the Beyond Traditional Goat Cream Cheese and Garlic & Chive Goat Cream Cheese can add a gourmet flair to any dish calling for cream cheese. Products sold in 6-ounce tubs, wrapped in a colorful sleeve, and retails for $6.99.

Increased efficiencies in goat herd management and experience from producing goat milk since 1934, enables MEYENBERG the ability to gain enough cream to offer their goat cream cheese on a national level. In addition, goat milk fans are equally smitten over the European Style Goat Milk Butter – also containing goat cream: It has won first place medals from the prestigious American Cheese Society for three years in a row.

MEYENBERG® is America’s number one manufacturer and distributor of goat milk since 1934. Products include Ultra-Pasteurized Fresh Whole and 1% Low Fat Milk, Evaporated and Powdered Goat Milk, European Style Goat Milk Butter, Goat Milk Aged Cheddars, five varieties of Goat Jack Cheese, and our new Goat Cream Cheeses.. For more information and products visit:

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