BI Nutraceuticals Updates and Expands Fluid Bed Capabilities at East Coast Facility

LONG BEACH, Calif., January 8, 2007 - BI Nutraceuticals, the leading supplier of quality raw materials and custom blends for 30 years, today announced it has completed construction and commissioning of a fluid bed processing area at the company's facility in Islandia, New York. BI now has fluid bed granulation, solvent capable high shear wet granulators, extensive dry roller compaction capacity and milling and blending all located in its Long Island facility, giving the company processing versatility that is unmatched in the industry.

"BI is committed to ensuring that our customers not only receive the highest quality raw materials, but also have manufacturing services available to meet all of their formulation needs. We are able to provide our customers with a full spectrum of value-added capabilities and this once again proves our commitment to the industry," stated Keith Schmidt, president, BI Nutraceuticals East.

"With the addition of our new fluid beds, we have increased our processing capacity by at least five tons of materials per day."

BI Nutraceuticals, with facilities in Long Beach, Calif. and Islandia, NY, is a global full-service supplier of dietary supplement and functional food ingredients including whole herb powders and teas, standardized and drug ratio extracts, custom blends, vitamins, minerals, drum to hopper custom blends, granular ingredients and other specialty processes including time released and encapsulated ingredients. All BI ingredients undergo stringent quality analysis that includes heavy metal, pesticide and irradiation testing. All herbal powder ingredients are also tested under the company's
Identilok(R) species identification process. The company has also developed a proprietary process, UltraHD(R), which creates high- density herbal powders allowing for superior flow and less dusting during the manufacturing process. Additionally, BI Nutraceuticals offers steam sterilization via the company's Protexx HP(TM) process.

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