Bi-O-Kleen / Content Verified, Inc. Facilitate Compatibility with USDA/NOP Regulations

Vancouver, WA – Those holding Organic Certification are routinely frustrated in meeting the USDA National Organic Program requirement for their cleaning materials. Bi-O-Kleen, formulator and producer of 20 truly natural household and industrial cleaners, announces third party review and audit by Content Verified™, Inc.

Three of Bi-O-Kleen’s top products:

All Purpose Cleaner, Dishwash Liquid, and Automatic Dish Powder are compatible to the USDA National Organic (NOP) regulations for processing, manufacturing, warehousing and retailing when used as specified in the Compliance Procedure.

The products are also the first cleaning products that carry support documentation that can be used in an Organic System Plan for prevention of contact with prohibited materials as required by the NOP (Section 1 [205.200 a)], Section 2 [205.201 a (5)], Section 3 [205.201 a (4)] ).

The partnership between Bi-O-Kleen and Content Verified™, Inc. facilitates manufacturers processors, warehouses and retailers with Organic Certification process requirements.

Content Verified, Inc. is dedicated to reviewing label claims and usage procedures for compatibility with USDA NOP regulations in order to facilitate companys’ ability to adhere to important regulations of the NOP. This includes verification of organic content claims in products.

Gay Timmons and Karen Troxell, founders of Content Verified, are organic inspectors and have been certified as organic processors. Gay Timmons, also owner of Oh Oh Organics, is an organic ingredient supplier and distributor for the personal care industry.

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Content Verified Contact:
Gay Timmons

Bi-O-Kleen Sales Contact:
Barry Firth

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