Bio Serae Announces Upcoming Events

Bio Serae Laboratories will co-exhibit along with CNI (Colloïdes Naturels International) at two upcoming tradeshows of the industries : Food Ingredient Europe 2009 (Frankfurt, Germany) and Supply Side West (Las Vegas, the USA).

It will be the occasion to unveil the new clinical results obtained on Cacti-Nea™, as well as our latest innovations.

Cacti-Nea™ : Significant clinical results
The latest clinical study conducted on Cacti-Nea™ has confirmed the diuretic and weight management effect of this original prickly pear cactus fruit extract (Opuntia ficus-indica).

The 28-days clinical study was conducted on 49 women with normal BMI (between 20 and 25). The aim of this clinical study was to evaluate Cacti-Nea™’s diuretic effect at the dose of 2g/day, in women showing water retention. Very positive results were highlighted, confirming the benefits of this innovative ingredient :

> Cacti-Nea™ induces a positive effect on body composition by limiting fat mass gain.
> Cacti-Nea™ shows a significant reduction of water mass after one week of treatment.
> We observe a significant weight loss in the Cacti-Nea™ group.
> Contrary to other diuretic substances, Cacti-Nea™ does not show any side effect on blood pressure nor on mineral balance. No excessive mineral loss was observed.

A sub-group of women whose body fat mass increased before the beginning of the study (between D-14 pre-inclusion visit and D0 inclusion visit) was identified as being even more receptive to the weight management and diuretic effect of Cacti-Nea™. The results obtained on this targeted population follows the trends observed in the per protocol population, but are even more noticeable, and are reinforced with positive effects on the silhouette.

These positive results confirms Cacti-Nea™'s diuretic and weight management properties and suggest it could positively act on cellulite troubles.

Full-spectrum range of innovation actives
Since more than 25 years, Bio Serae Laboratories develops innovative active ingredients for the nutraceutical and food industries. All our ingredients are scientifically validated and offer natural alternatives for several health applications, including weight management, well-being and joint health :

- NeOpuntia® : patented cactus fiber whose lipophilic properties have already been confirmed by a complete set of in vitro and in vivo studies. What's more and beyond weight management, the last clinical study highlighted further health benefits: NeOpuntia® could help to regulate blood parameters and could positively influence Metabolic Syndrome diagnosis.

- ID-alG™ : Brown seaweed extract which inhibit part of digestive enzymes, allowing to limit fat and carb absorption and to control caloric intake. A recent in vivo study on rats confirmed its weight management properties : in the condition of hypercaloric diet, ID-alG™ has indeed allowed to reduce fat gain (- 22% compared to placebo, p=0.029).

- ViNitrox™ : Unique formulation of fruit extracts rich in polyphenols (grape and apple) specially designed for sport nutrition applications. In vivo and ex vivo studies confirmed its antioxidant and vaso-dilating properties (NO booster).

- Osteol™ : Natural ingredient made from bioactive milk proteins which will boost standard joint health formulations (D-Glucosamine+Chondroitin). Scientific studies (in vitro & in vivo) showed that Osteol™ would help to preserve cartilage by strengthening chondrocytes protection, increasing anti-inflammatory effect, and inhibiting MMPs (collagenase).

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