Bio Serae Labs and CNI merge into Nexira

Bio Serae Labs and CNI merge into Nexira

On November 7, the companies of Iranex Group—CNI (Colloïdes Naturels International) and Bio Serae Laboratoires—will form a new single entity and become Nexira.

The family-run group, founded in 1895 is the world leader in acacia gum (also known as gum Arabic) and a premier supplier of nutraceutical ingredients and botanical extracts for the food, nutrition and health & wellness industries.

Nexira is the result of the merger of CNI (Colloïdes Naturels International) and BioSerae Laboratoires.

Today, the three divisions - Nexira Food, Health and Technology - offer a global expertise from raw materials sourcing and proprietary processing technologies to formulation support.

The Nexira portfolio has constantly pushed outwards from its core product, acacia gum, for which the group is world leader. Nexira now offers a wide range of natural ingredients and extracts including emulsifiers, texturizing agents and actives for weight management, antioxidants, joint healthand stress relief.

Nexira generates over €83M of revenue, 90% of which is from exports (the group received France’s top exporter award in 2007) and is targeting €120M of revenue by 2015. Nexira has business operations in 5 continents complemented by a wide network of partners in 80 countries with 10 distribution subsidiaries and 8 production plants worldwide.


The group’s growth is supported by a strong investment strategy dedicated to research and the development of innovative technologies used to produce new, ground-breaking natural ingredients.

To better address worldwide demand, Nexira will invest €5M between now and 2012 to extend the production capacity of its industrial facilities at Rouen and Serqueux.

Nexira is also preparing to invest 5 to 7 million euros in a production plant in India and will strengthen its presence in Africa with a new plant in Ghana.

The company is also aiming to match its ambitions with an acquisition in North America in 2012 and another in Europe by 2013.

With its new production capacity and investments in R&D, Nexira aims to launch two new products per year and address the growth of the market of natural ingredients.

The successful development of Nexira is based on a commitment to continue to focus on a global expertise, from the sourcing to the making, marketing and selling of our wide scope of natural ingredients. More than ever Nexira will ensure the protection and sustainable development of natural resources that is at the heart of the group’s strategy (an example is the partnership with the NGO SOS Sahel).

On December 2011, the North American subsidiary of Colloides Naturels International (CNInc.) celebrates its 30thanniversary.  It has been three decades dedicated to the advancement, expertise and local support of acacia gum in the American market.


•         2011 revenue: 83 M€

•         220 employees

•         10 subsidiaries and offices

•         8 production facilities

•         50 distributing agents

•         80 countries represented

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