Bioavailable Co Enzyme Q-10 introduced by Westco Fine Ingredients

Emulsome TM over twice as bioavailable than generic Co Q products

Westco Fine Ingredients is proud to offer a new more bioavailable powdered form of Co Enzyme Q - 10 (Co Q), the new product is called 'Emulsome' TM. This is an exciting breakthrough in Co Q delivery technology; it allows an enhanced absorption Co Q to be offered to the retail market in forms that have not been available in the past. Westco Fine Ingredients is the exclusive distributor of this new enhanced absorption Co Q. Emulsome TM has been shown in studies to be 2.5 times more bioavailable than generic Co Q, and has been shown to be exceptionally well tolerated, and beneficial in all age groups and pathological populations tested.

Please come and visit us at the Westco booth at the Supply Side East show, and we can provide you additional information. For all other inquiries for information on this product please contact Westco Fine Ingredients at 818-255-3351.

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