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Biodar Launches 10% Beta-Carotene Vegetarian Beadlets

Biodar is expanding its beta carotene line with BetaCote™10VB, 100% vegetarian beta carotene beadlets, an advanced formulation of nature-identical beta carotene designed for nutrition supplements. BetaCote™10VB is manufactured from gelatin-free ingredients, using GMO-free raw materials of vegetable origin only.

“In response to our customers’ demand for a 10% beta carotene vegetarian beadlet, we developed BetaCote™10VB within 30 days, using the ground-breaking technology of our BetaCote™20VB,” explains Udi Alroy, Marketing Director at Biodar. “Most of our clients prefer to use gelatin-free beta carotene in their supplement formulations, so BetaCote™10VB answers their specific needs.”

The expansion of Biodar’s beta-carotene line stems from the market need for Biodar’s advanced technological solutions. “We have developed a unique, especially effective solution for vegetarian carotenoid beadlets,” continues Alroy. “The launch of BetaCote™10VB is a natural extension of the fortification know-how developed in our R&D lab.”

BetaCote™10VB vegetarian beadlets are exceptionally stable, protecting the beta-carotene from oxidation and tableting pressure. BetaCote™10VB beadlets provide full protection for the beta carotene until the beadlets disintegrate in the intestine and the beta-carotene is released. BetaCote™10VB can easily resist up to 10 tons cm2 tableting pressure without any beta carotene leakage from the beadlets.

Biodar specializes in providing innovative microencapsulation solutions for vitamins, minerals and carotenoids, as well as vegetarian beadlets for the nutritional supplement, functional food and pharmaceutical industries.
For further information, please contact:

Mr.Udi Alroy
Marketing Director
Phone: + 972-8942-0930
Fax: +972-8942-0928
E mail:

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