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Bioforce Exec Featured on National Show Warning Denture Wearers about health issues related to use of Conventional Creams

In mid-August, Pierce Sioussat, president of Bioforce USA, was asked to be a guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Power Hour.” The topic was a recent study published in the journal Neurology indicating that long-term, excessive use of conventional denture adhesives may result in serious neurologic disease. Bioforce USA is the exclusive distributor of Secure®, a zinc-free denture adhesive available in health food stores.

A “Power Hour” listener, who owns a barbershop in Utah, brought this to the attention of radio personality and “Power Hour” host, Joyce Riley. Joyce then did research and found numerous trial lawyers seeking people who have been harmed by using conventional denture creams and was then impelled to devote airtime to the topic. During the show, she mentioned that approximately 35 million Americans wear dentures and thus, this is a significant issue affecting a large segment of the population.

“During my interview, we spoke about the relationship that patients have with their doctors and that many doctors were not aware of this particular issue,” commented Sioussat. “Meanwhile, this news is an outstanding opportunity for natural products retailers to provide a healthy alternative to a potentially toxic conventional product as well as to inform their communities that such an alternative may be found at their stores.”

Earlier this year, a study was published about how long-term, excessive use of conventional denture creams may result in hypocupremia and serious neurologic disease. The study was published in the medical trade journal Neurology, a publication of the American Academy of Neurology.

“With this news and growing concern, we encourage natural products retailers to take full advantage of the opportunity to provide concerned denture wearers with information about SECURE® Denture Bonding Cream, to our knowledge, the only such product of its kind exclusively available to the naturals channel,” says Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA.

SECURE® Denture Bonding Cream, developed by an Austrian dentist, is the first and only patented non-water soluble adhesive worldwide that may be used effectively on both upper and lower denture systems. This patented technology eliminates any slipping and sliding of dentures, and it will not be washed out while eating or drinking. Usually only one application of Secure is required per day to maintain total retention.

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