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Bioforce To Feature Quality Seal

HUDSON, NY – Bioforce USA has added a brightly colored logo to five products in its portfolio of dietary supplements and herbal remedies, identifying each product as being manufactured in adherence to strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

The new Swiss GMP Standards seal is part of a consumer-outreach effort undertaken by the marketer to assuage consumer doubt and ambivalence resulting from the consistent negative messages sent by the media of late. “In this day of negative press toward our industry, we felt it imperative to let retailers’ customers know that not all of our industry is ‘unregulated’ as charged,” explains Eileen Sheets, director of quality control and regulatory affairs for Bioforce USA.

Bioforce AG in Switzerland manufactures its products in accordance with Swiss Good Manufacturing Practices. The company’s facility and gardens are additionally certified organic by Bio Inspecta, a Swiss certification agency; more than 70 percent of the plants used in Bioforce’s products are grown in the company’s own extensive organic fields. The company also set up another avenue of quality control—it has had a procedure for handling adverse events in place since 1988.

What Swiss GMPs Mean
The manufacturing facilities of Bioforce AG are routinely inspected by Swiss drug regulatory authorities. “The Swiss GMPs are pharmaceutical GMPs, and are therefore very strict,” Sheets says. “They meet or exceed the dietary supplement GMPs in the United States.”

The Swiss GMPs ensure that each product is made uniformly with absolutely no differentiation in content and potency between bottles. GMPs address all procedures and cover the manufacturing gamut to include cleanliness of the facility, its equipment and operators; extensive testing of product through all stages from growing to manufacture and packaging, as well as safety issues, training level required for personnel, environmental conditions, quarantine and release of raw materials and components, and warehousing and shipping.

The seal will eventually be placed on all Bioforce USA’s products.

For more information or to discuss quality control issues and GMPs, please contact Eileen Sheets at (800) 641-7555.

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