Bioforce Launches Innovative and Educational Internet Game 'Flower Power' to Celebrate Echinaforce

GHENT, NY – An innovative albeit addictive downloadable internet game, Power Flower, has been launched by Bioforce AG in Switzerland. Power Flower was developed to simultaneously promote Echinaforce, the 50-year-old herbal immune-modulating supplement, and provide a fun way of educating both retailers and consumers about the history and science of the product.

Aim of the Game
Players must harvest as many fresh Echinacea flowers as possible by aiming the green ring at the floating flowers and clicking the left mouse button. Each “harvested” flower will generate numerous more wafting down to capture in the basket that may be moved across the screen with the arrow keys. Dexterity of both hands will be tested, for sure! While playing, one must not accidentally harm the butterflies or bees, or collect mushrooms and apples, or the occasional calendula flower.

Power Flower is sure to enrapture players; the intense colors, three-dimensional graphics and Teufen panaroma of the Appenzeil Mountains is a pleasing sight, designed by acclaimed Moorhuhn artist Ingo Mesche. The upbeat indigenous music, featuring the alpenhorn, was created by Eurovision composer Philip Vella.

Power Flower may be installed on retailers’ websites, and consumers can also download the game. System requirements are Windows ME/2000/XP; PC Processor 300 MHZ; 64 MB RAM; Direct X 8.0 compatible high-color 3D graphic card and sound card, and control through mouse and keyboard.

“Power Flower is, in our opinion, one of the most innovative educational tools ever designed to promote a botanical supplement,” says Eileen Sheets, general manager of Bioforce USA. “When a person enjoys a challenging game, he or she is more apt to create a bond with the brand. And because Power Flower is truly fun to play and just beautiful to look at, it’s a sure bet that word-of-mouth about Echinaforce will be fast and furious, sending new consumers into health food stores to find out more about Echinaforce and A. Vogel.”

For more information about Power Flower, Echinaforce and A. Vogel, please contact Eileen Sheets at (800) 641-7555. You may also download the game at – but please make sure playing Power Flower doesn’t make you miss your deadlines!

Eileen Sheets
(800) 641-7555

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