Bioforce USA announces Secure Denture Venture video contest

Bioforce USA announces Secure Denture Venture video contest

Secure Denture is encouraging participation in its exciting Secure Denture Venture—An Artistic Bonanza. It’s a chance to be star and win $1,000.

Secure® Denture Adhesive users experience an improved quality of life with Secure’s® extraordinary 12-hour holding power. Secure’s® patented waterproof adhesive provides a completely new and natural denture feeling. Because Secure® is waterproof, it doesn’t dissolve when eating or drinking. Foods can be enjoyed again, including dining out, without worry or embarrassment. Plus, Secure’s® neutral taste does not negatively affect how foods taste.

Make a video and win $1,000.

To celebrate these wonderful denture benefits, as well as raise awareness that denture wearers can improve the way their dentures hold, Secure® Denture is encouraging participation in its exciting “Secure® Denture Venture—An Artistic Bonanza”. It’s a chance to be star and win $1,000.

All that is needed to win is to be creative, using natural talent to make a video that’s interesting, unique, memorable, and conversation-starting—a video that will be entertaining and get people interested in talking about dentures! If your customers wear dentures or simply know someone who does, they can enter to win the $1,000 prize. It can be a song, dance, poetry, comedy, even a Claymation or sock puppets. Whatever the creative talent is—use it to highlight how Secure® has helped you or someone you know.

Pierce Sioussat, President of Bioforce USA, distributor of Secure®, stated: “Since introducing Secure®, we have found that many denture wearers are reluctant to talk about what it’s like wearing dentures, perhaps feeling a certain embarrassment. It also seems that in our industry it is believed that people who shop in health food stores don’t wear dentures. We would like to help change all this by bringing it out in open in an artistic, humorous way, hopefully opening the way for better communication on the subject. After all, how your dentures work is a real quality of life issue and the more helpful information you have, the better your chances are of having a positive experience. There are 32 million denture wearers in the US, so we feel this is an important issue.”

This would like to encourage participants to have fun, but be considerate of other viewers. All videos will be screened first for appropriateness, prior to being uploaded on the YouTube Channel. Participant may start entering the submissions June 15, 2011. Judging begins September 1, 2011. The winner will be notified on September 9, 2011. For full contest rules, check the Rules & Regulations page at

Secure® Denture Adhesive is waterproof, it will not wash away when you’re eating and drinking, and it will not dissolve into particles that can be swallowed. Its extra strong bonding effect assures your dentures will be fixed to the gum for up to 12 hours. Plus it’s economical because you only need to apply it once a day. It is zinc free and always has been.

For more information contact Eileen Sheets at 800-641-7555 or go to

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