Bioforce USA announces updated GMP facility for Sinupret

Bioforce USA announces updated GMP facility for Sinupret

Bionorica hosts annual Partners Meeting in Mallorca to introduce its uniquely sophisticated GMP facility for producing the best-selling Sinupret and Bronchipret.

Continuing its long-standing commitment to bring natural health retailers the leading European natural brands, Bioforce USA sent its sales and marketing director, Jodie L. Moore, to Mallorca for the 2012 Bionorica Partners Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is for Bionorica partners around the globe share their experiences, regarding new product launches, specific marketing programs and best case practices.

According to Ms. Moore, “It’s a very productive meeting as people from around the globe get to converse about the specifics to their country, learn from each other’s experiences and hopefully walk away with a new concept to try in their home country. Plus Bionorica has a unique growing/manufacturing facility on Mallorca so it is also a way for new partner countries like us to learn firsthand about Bionorica’ s GMP manufacturing operation and tour their herb cultivation. We know that natural products retailers who sell Bionorica products are interested in providing their customers with products that meet the very strict European standards for pharmaceutical GMPs, so consumers can be assured of product safety, efficacy. I came back feeling much better equipped to develop programs that would help our Bionorica retailers develop these sales.”

Bionorica products include the top selling products Sinupret® to promote sinus health and Bronchipret for lower respiratory support. “Sinupret has enjoyed a long history of popular use in Germany and has been a high selling phytomedicine recommended by physicians. It is highly regarded because of the numerous published clinical studies that support its use and its high safety profile validated by millions of doses over 35 years. Bionorica has been recognized by the American Botanical Council for its outstanding research with the Varro E. Tyler Award, one of only six companies to have received this prestigious honor. Sinupret is one of only four natural products to have a monograph done by the American Botanical Council.


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