Bioforce USA launches improved Molkosan

Bioforce USA launches improved Molkosan

Bioforce has announced that Molkosan now contains even greater amounts of the beneficial lactic acid.

Molkosan has been a favorite A. Vogel product since 1947 due to its healthful properties. Molkosan is lacto fermented whey that originates in Alpine meadows. Long cherished for its healthful lactic acid content, Bioforce has announced that it now contains even greater amounts of the beneficial lactic acid. Plus, the starting material is now organic. To mark these improvements Molkosan also sports an updated look.

Pierce Sioussat, President of Bioforce USA, explained, “The lacto fermentation is done with a new bacterial culture, Lactobacillus casei, which is licensed exclusively to Bioforce for Molkosan. Plus, a new reverse osmosis filtration system removes all lactose from the finished product, making it a good choice for lactose intolerant consumers. This process standardizes Molkosan to higher levels of L+ lactic acid. It also contributes to higher levels of potassium which lowers acidity, and makes the lactic acid more bio available in the digestive tract. And as a bonus, there is an improved, fresher taste. If you love Molkosan you will enjoy the new, fresher taste and better health benefits. If you have never tried Molkosan we think you will like it and appreciate the feeling of wellbeing from the inside out.”

Most people add Molkosan to their diet to enhance their digestive health. Its pH level supports healthy flora in the gut—a foundation of good health. With the heightened awareness of the health benefits of dairy products, Molkosan is a smart addition to a good diet. Unlike some whey products, the benefits are available without adding any additional fat or protein to your daily intake, as they are removed by the lacto fermentation process, a plus for those who are watching their weight.

Molkosan is over 60 years old and still going strong. With its updated packaging and improved health benefits, Bioforce believes it will continue to be an old favorite, but also gain many new friends.

For more information contact Eileen Sheets at 800-641-7555 x100 or go to

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