Bioforce USA Launches Supplement for Healthy Hair

GHENT, NY – Hubner Original Silica Gel is the newest offering from Bioforce USA, a company devoted to distinctive natural products for the health food channel.

Hubner Original Silica Gel is a silica supplement marketed for restoring healthy hair that may have been damaged by elements and poor diet, and is based upon solid clinical research demonstrating its hair-nourishing properties. In addition, the silica in Hubner Original Silica Gel also helps promote firm, glowing skin, strong nails and nourishes connective tissue.

“Bioforce USA president Pierce Sioussat has a long history with Hubner Original Silica Gel, and in essence, we consider this product as being welcomed back into the Bioforce USA family,” says Eileen Sheets, managing director.

In true Bioforce USA style, there is recent clinical research demonstrating the superior efficacy of this silica supplement on hair health. A significant pilot study performed at the University Hospital Complex in Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany, gave 55 healthy women with thin hair 15 ml of Hubner Original Silica Gel for six months. The results demonstrated an increased diameter of hair fibers by 12.6%.

Lead researcher, Professor Augustin, M.D., said of the study results, “Considering the extremely good tolerance of Original Silica Gel, this [supplement] can be used without reservation for the effective support for thin hair and repair brittle hair.”

Hubner Original Silica Gel has been sold throughout Europe for more than 50 years. It is distinctive from other silica supplements in that it provides silica in a pure and potent form. Derived form quartz crystals, Hubner Original Silica Gel is a colloidal preparation, in which microscopic particles of silica are finely dispersed in water forming a gel that is easily absorbed and utilized in the body. Hubner Original Silica Gel has no additives or preservatives and has a neutral taste. It is available in 500-ml size.

Sheets adds that retailers can cross-promote Hubner Original Silica Gel with Herbatint natural hair shades (36 in all) to encourage healthy, beautiful hair. “This makes exquisite sense,” she says. “Women who experience thicker fuller hair after taking our silica gel supplement will naturally want to show off their crowning glory through a new or enhanced hair color.”

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