Bioforce USA passes GMP inspection

Bioforce USA passes GMP inspection

The FDA finds that the herb producer meets GMP compliance.


In its first inspection under the new dietary supplement GMP’s Bioforce USA was given a clean bill of health. “The FDA inspector said that our GMP’s were well thought out and obviously being followed” stated Robert Sheets, Operations Manager for Bioforce USA.

Pierce Sioussat, President of Bioforce USA stated “It is very gratifying that all the time, effort and resources that went into developing our GMP’s and training staff to carefully follow them has been acknowledged in such concrete way. It also shows that even smaller companies can be committed to excellence. We carefully vet the manufacturers we choose to partner with and only work with those that are certified as meeting GMP’s. Now we have demonstrated that we continue that commitment to quality. We do this because we believe our customers deserve only the very best in highly effective, quality health products.”

The regulations for Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices were greeted with mixed feelings. Obviously a lot of work is required to bring companies into compliance. However, in the end this is a positive development in the natural products industry. As companies are meeting these standards, it provides strong positive response to the negative press that has plagued the industry.

Americans are turning more and more to dietary supplements to improve and protect their health. It is good that they can now choose products from companies that have demonstrated the ability to meet quality standards as set out in the GMP’s.

About Bioforce USA

Bioforce USA has created long-term strategic alliances with European manufacturers of product lines that have years of clinical research support for safety and efficacy, plus years of repeat consumer use. Bioforce USA has brought these lines, which include A. Vogel, Sanhelios, Herbatint, Bionorica and SECURE exclusively to the United States for distribution through natural products and health food stores.

For more information call Eileen Sheets at 800-641-7555 x100.


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