BioGaia to distribute its probiotic chewables through United Laboratories

BioGaia to distribute its probiotic chewables through United Laboratories

The largest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines will now distribute BioGaia's probiotic chewable tablets.


BioGaia signed a distribution agreement with United Laboratories Incorporated, the largest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, for its probiotic chewable tablets. The tablets will be sold under the BioGaia brand and the launch is planned to the first half of 2012.

United Laboratories has 6000 employees, the majority in the Philippines, but the company also has business in another 10 Asian countries. The agreement only concerns the Philippines, but BioGaia already has an agreement with United Laboratories' subsidiary in China.

BioGaia's Probiotic chewable tablets are sold in 44 countries, in 23 of these under the BioGaia brand.

- We are happy to partner with a science based company like BioGaia, says José María Ochave, Senior Vice President at United Laboratories Incorporated.

- The Philippines has a population of around 90 million people and a growing economy, which is why this market can be very interesting although the average level of income is comparatively low. United Laboratories has several sales forces that visit doctors, that is to say work in line with the successful business model that we use around the world, says Peter Rothschild, President at BioGaia.


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