BioGaia Signs Agreement With a Company In The Otsuka Group For Dog Product

BioGaia has signed an agreement with Earth Biochemical Co. Ltd, a company in the Otsuka group, which gives Earth Biochemical the right to sell in Japan oil drops for dogs, containing a Reuteri bacteria, specifically developed for dogs.

The product will be sold through veterinary clinics and will be part of a larger portfolio of products for dogs and cats. In Japan there are 13 million dogs and around 8000 veterinary clinics.

Earth Biochemical have been specialists in animal health products since 1973 and have sales today to both veterinary surgeons and pet shops.

"This is an interesting agreement in several ways. Firstly, it is our first agreement concerning household pets and secondly, it is a unique product which we can sell in many other markets." says Peter Rothschild, President of BioGaia.

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