Biogaia Signs Agreement With Ferring Pharmaceuticals

BioGaia has entered into an agreement with the Swiss pharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals. The agreement gives Ferring exclusive rights to sell BioGaia's Reuteri drops in Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and Hungary plus optional rights to several other countries.

BioGaia's patented, safe, effective and easy to administer Reuteri drops are an effective way to improve intestinal health in infants. The company has shown in a number of clinical studies the positive effects of Reuteri on several intestinal conditions, including infantile colic. The drops will be sold under BioGaia's own brand. The registration process will start immediately and launch will take place soon after receipt of approval.

Colic is defined as recurrent inconsolable crying which continues for at least three hours per day, three days per week in an infant who is otherwise healthy. The crying usually starts at 2-3 weeks of age and affects roughly 10 per cent of all children. The causes of colic are unclear.

"Ferring's strong marketing organisation and well-established relationship with doctors, especially paediatricians, together with our clinical documentation and unique product offerings will help us to become established in several important markets", said Peter Rothschild Managing Director, BioGaia AB.

Ferring, with 2700 employees, has offices in more than 40 countries and sells products in around 70 countries.

"BioGaia's unique Reuteri drops will be a complementary product for us in our continued investment in the paediatric market. It will fit very well with one of our most important brands, MINIRIN Melt, which is in the process of being launched throughout Europe. Furthermore, it fits very well with our overall ambition to improve treatments and delivery of medicine to children", says Michel Pettigrew COO at Ferring.

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