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Biogaia Signs New Agreement for Lifetop Sraw

BioGaia AB signed an agreement in December 2003 with Laboratorios Casen , which gave the company the exclusive rights to sell LifeTop Straw together with oral rehydration solution products to hospitals and pharmacies in Spain. Now BioGaia and Casen have signed a new agreement, which gives them the exclusive right to sell the product in the whole of Europe.

After a successful launch of oral rehydration solution (ORS, i.e. fluid replacement) products in Spain, Casen are now concentrating on expanding in the entire European market.

"This year we have focused on increasing volumes at our existing customers and it is nice to see that this effort is giving results" says Peter Rothschild, Managing Director of Biogaia AB.

LifeTop Straw is BioGaia´s patented drinking straw which contains the health promoting bacterium Reuteri. The straw is attached to the side of a drink portion pack, in this case a 200 ml TetraBrik, which contains a sugar-salt solution with added minerals. Upon consumption, Reuteri is released and administered to the patient together with the drink. Fluid replacement is given primarily to patients who have become dehydrated as a consequence of varying illnesses.

BioGaia AB conducts research, development and manufacturing of probiotic systems that build health in humans and animals. The Company sells licenses and products on the international market. The BioGaia Group consists of the Parent Company BioGaia AB and the wholly owned subsidiaries TriPac AB and BioGaia Biologics Inc., USA. The BioGaia share is quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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