Biogin to Launch Resveratrol Products

Chengdu, China, May 25 - BioGin Biochemicals, an active ingredients researcher and manufacturer, has announced the launch of a complete range of resveratrol products.

“If you haven't heard of resveratrol, you're probably too young to have had the experience of gazing in the bathroom mirror in the morning and thinking: damn."
-------from January 19 2007 , Fortune Magazine

Resveratrol has captured more and more attention in recent years. One of resveratrol’s most studied applications involves the prevention of cardiovascular disease which have been studied for years and widely recognized.

Now according to recent reports, resveratrol has also demonstrated an effect on weight loss. When resveratrol was given at high dosages, mice fed a very high calorie diet did not develop the organ damage and reduction in physical performance that the placebo mice did. It appears that resveratrol replicates calorie restriction by activating certain DNA repair enzymes.

To response to this market trend, BioGin is gearing up to launch its resveratrol series products, including:
1) High purity of 98% resveratrol --pharmaceutical grade
2) Resveratrol of 20% & 50% concentration extracted from Giant Knotweed ---de- emodine
3) Spectrum giant knotweed extract--- more potent for weight loss
4) Red wine extract standardized for polyphenols & resveratrol
5) Grape skin extract standardized for polyphenols and resveratrol

Resveratrol is a naturally compound produced by plants such as grapes, berries and another plant know as Giant Knotweed (Hu Zhang) which contains high concentrations of resveratrol. Biogin has developed the commercial production of resveratrol from all of Huzhang, red wine and Grape skin.

"Fermentation technology has to be applied in the production process of resveratrol, which is a new area for most of the Chinese extractors”, said Dr, Chai, chief technical expert from Biogin.”

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