Biolabs Cran-Max® and Capsugel®'s Licaps® Launch Newest Form of Cranberry Nutraceutical

Cape Cod, MA – June 2002 – While health experts have acknowledged for years that drinking cranberry juice provides antioxidant protection and helps promote urinary tract health, the downside for many consumers has been the added sugar and calories to their diets from having to consume large amounts of the juice to derive the health benefits.

Now, a new form of a cranberry nutraceutical called CRAN-MAX® has hit the market, offering the most effective way to acquire the benefits of the cranberry for the more than 30 million Americans who experience urinary tract infections each year. Developed by the nutraceutical experts at Cape Cod Biolabs and the scientists at Capsugel, a division of Pfizer®, one 500 mg capsule of CRAN-MAX® offers more benefit than drinking 8-10 (ounces/glasses) of cranberry juice, plus the benefit of not adding any sugar or calories to the diet. This is an especially effective alternative to juice for people with diabetes, and a less expensive option for everyone.

CRAN-MAX®’s superiority over and brand differentiation from other cranberry nutraceuticals is based on clinical testing as well as the combination of two unique delivery systems. Cape Cod Biolabs’ CRAN-MAX® with the patented BIOSHIELD® delivery system is contained in Capsugel’s Licaps® delivery system – a seamless two-part capsule with the visible liquid CRAN-MAX® inside.

Results from a national consumer survey conducted by Capsugel confirm that the concept of a visible liquid-filled capsule is one that is widely accepted by both men and women across all age groups of natural product and dietary supplement users. Consumers can make the connection between their existing knowledge of the benefits of cranberry juice for urinary tract health by seeing the CRAN-MAX® red cranberry formula in the visible liquid- filled Licap® capsules.

The key benefit of BIOSHILED®’s all natural matrix is that it maintains the integrity of the key nutrients found in the berries – the anthocyanadins – to the glucose bond. This allows the intact nutrients to be passed into the lower gastrointestinal tract (past the stomach acids into the proper digestive arm) where they can be absorbed via this natural time-release delivery system by the bloodstream and utilized by the body, ultimately gaining the benefits of the cranberry. Unlike some other forms of cranberry nutritional supplements, the nutrients of the cranberry in CRAN-MAX® are properly absorbed by the body through the patent-pending BIOSHIELD® technology.

Additionally, the BIOSHIELD® process is complimented by the Licaps® capsule made of natural gelatin and vegetarian which quickly releases the liquid contents to help facilitate effective absorption.

In a six month clinical trial conducted in the Czech Republic involving 49 participants (25 on CRAN-MAX® and 24 in a control group), researchers compared the efficacy of CRAN-MAX® as a prophylactic against a continuous low does chemotherapeutic regimen. The results favored CRAN-MAX® as a preventative against UTIs. During the study period the control group collectively suffered 55 UTIs while those patients on CRAN-MAX® had only nine recurrences. The researchers further noted that CRAN-MAX® was far less expensive and had no side whereas the control group had 14 adverse events. (copies of study available upon request).

Additionally, CRAN-MAX® has been shown as a prophylactic in a pilot study conducted by urologist Dr. Ronald Wheeler (copies of study available upon request). In the study, as compared with a chemotherapeutic agent, 2.3 women suffered a relapse with drug therapy as compared with only .33 using CRAN-MAX® which did not produce any side effects. The study showed more than 90 percent of the patients improved in a subjective evaluation by the patients themselves, and none felt worse. Further studies are currently underway in North America and Europe.

According to Tammy Mathis, Marketing Specialist for Capsugel®/Pfizer®, “Of all the cranberry products in the marketplace, we selected CRAN-MAX® because we were impressed with the clinical data on Cape Cod Biolabs’ CRAN-MAX®, and its superior BIOSHIELD® delivery system. We were certain we’d be creating a winning combination for the growing global population of health-conscious people.”

CRAN-MAX® is 100 percent pure cranberry fruit and is produced in a patented manufacturing process during which concentrated cranberry juice is infused into pure cranberry fiber. This process enhances and intensifies the natural beneficial constitutes of the whole cranberry – the fruit solids, seeds, skins, concentrated juices and fiber – to maintain the full, concentrated and synergistic spectrum of each fruit without the addition of any chemical solvents, preservatives, sugars, water, flavorings or colors. One pound of CRAN-MAX® is the equivalent to 34 pounds of fresh cranberries.

With the foundation of proven technologies from well respected companies, along with the scientific data supporting the superior effectiveness of the formula, consumers can be assured of CRAN-MAX® being the highest quality cranberry nutraceutical on the market.

Cape Cod Biolabs is one of the leading producers of cranberries in the world, and a supplier of other special fruit berry products, including organics, for over 10 years. Such berry products now being produced include BLUE-MAX® (Blueberry), ELDER-MAX® (Elderberry), BIL-MAX® (Bilberry), SAW-MAX® (Saw Palmetto), GRAPE-MAX® (Grapes) and EYE-MAX® (a combination of BLUE-MAX® and BIL-MAX® with Lutein), among others.

All Cape Cod Biolab’s products are 100% natural and use the whole fruit – the fruit solids, seeds, skins and concentrated juices – to maintain the full, concentrated and synergistic spectrum of each fruit or herb. The unique and patented manufacturing process uses all natural full spectrum fruit and herb with no chemical solvents or unnatural excipients. For further information, contact Cape Cod Organics and Nutraceuticals Corp. marketing department at 1.888.472.2275, or visit

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The BIOSHIELD® technology is a revolutionary new way to ensure successful, stable, potent delivery of the maximum amount of nutrients or bioactives of fruits or herbs. The name itself implies its successful action: it acts as a shield by providing a natural coating which is released for the absorption process.

In addition to delivering nutrients exactly where they need to go over a sustained period of time, BIOSHIELD® enhances the absorption of the bioactives. The BIOSHIELD® process is a natural coating that is used to facilitate the absorption of the intact bioavailable anthocyanins and proanthocyanins. This all natural matrix protects these active ingredients of the fruit by delivering them past the stomach acids and prolonging their stability. Because the BIOSHIELD® product is derived totally from a natural fruit constituency, it is able to limit the rate of acid degradation of the bioactives while simultaneously assisting with their absorption.

The key benefit of BIOSHIELD®’s matrix is that it successfully maintains the integrity of the nutrients found in the berries – the anthocyanadins – to the glucose bond. This allows the intact nutrients to be passed into the lower gastrointestinal tract where they can be absorbed by the bloodstream and utilized by the body. This key action of absorption and metabolism has been investigated and demonstrated by Tsuda et al (studies available upon request). Because anthocyanadins are insoluable in water and if ingested in their non-glycosolodated state, they cannot be readily absorbed. On the other hand, those anthocyanins possessing the bound sugars will be water soluble, allowing the body to convert these hydrated anthocyanins into anthocyanidins at the ultimate site of action.

In addition to CRAN-MAX®, the premier product using the BIOSHIELD® technology, the company will also be offering high quality, high potency formulas utilizing their BIOSHIELD® technology on other berries. Soon to be launched products include BLUE-MAX® (Blueberry), ELDER-MAX® (Elderberry), BIL-MAX® (Bilberry), SAW-MAX® (Saw Palmetto), EYE-MAX® (a combination of BLUE-MAX® and BIL-MAX® with Lutein), among others, to be available in health food stores and on the internet.


Capsugel®, a division of Pfizer®, is a leading global manufacturer of two-piece capsules for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. Licaps® capsules are two-piece capsules that have been specifically designed to be sealed for secure containment of liquids and semi-solids. The success of this unique delivery system, developed by scientists at Capsugel®, is confirmed by a nationwide survey the company conducted which found that the concept of a visible, liquid-filled capsule is one that is widely accepted by both men and women across all age groups of natural product and dietary supplement users. Consumers have very positive perceptions of liquids, especially when they can see the liquid flowing inside a clear capsule.

The Licaps® liquid delivery system is a result of a proprietary method called LEMS (Liquid Encapsulation Microspray Sealing). The technology enables liquids to be contained in capsules with an invisible seal. Positioned to promote the multiple positive benefits perceived by consumers in a visible liquid capsule, the Licaps® dosage form offers the key product selling points in a creative and unique way that appeals to consumers.

Capsugel® is the oldest and largest manufacturer of two-piece hardshell capsules in the world. With 125 years of expertise and nine facilities worldwide, dietary supplement manufacturers can be confident in Capsugel®’s commitment to quality and customer service. Licaps® are produced to the same exacting standards and GMP’s that all Capsugel® products meet.

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