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Biopolymer Engineering Introduces Imucell(TM) WGP, a Dietary Supplement That Fortifies the Immune System

EAGAN, Minn. -- Biopolymer Engineering, Inc. today introduced Imucell(TM) WGP, a dietary supplement scientifically proven to fortify the immune system. The product contains WGP Beta Glucan, a patented natural carbohydrate whose ability to boost the immune system is well documented in decades of scientific studies. So promising are WGP Beta Glucan's effects, the compound is currently being studied by major universities and research organizations, including Harvard University, the University of Louisville, and U.S. and Canadian Department of Defense agencies.

"Consumers can now do something to boost their immune system," said Richard G. Mueller, President and CEO of Biopolymer Engineering. "In addition to exercising and eating right, taking Imucell WGP every day is one of the best things a person can do for optimal health."

Imucell WGP works directly with the immune system, activating a type of white blood cell called the "macrophage" whose job is to identify and destroy foreign invaders and coordinate the body's other defenders. Millions of macrophages are the body's front-line defenders.

"There's a tremendous amount of science supporting the ability of beta 1,3 glucans to naturally enhance the immune system," said Dr. Gary Ostroff, Biopolymer Engineering Vice President of Research and Development. "And studies show that an enhanced immune system can provide support against a broad range of challenges."

Fred Zinos, Biopolymer Engineering's vice president of consumer retail sales, added that Imucell WGP fills a well-defined void in the natural products arena. "The market is huge. Literally every adult is a good candidate for Imucell WGP. The company has plans to advertise in leading publications and through other consumer media with the objective of driving new businesses into retail outlets."

WGP Beta Glucan is extracted and purified from the cell walls of food- grade Baker's yeast, which is permitted for use in food by the FDA. Imucell WGP is sold in 30-count units of 250 mg capsules, a dosage level based on numerous studies conducted at leading research institutions.

There are no known side-effects associated with taking Imucell WGP. However, persons with known or suspected yeast allergies should not take Imucell WGP. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider before taking the product.

Imucell WGP is currently available for purchase online at or by calling 1-800-891-0086. Visit the Learning Center at the Imucell WGP website for more information about WGP Beta Glucan and the research describing the immune-supporting properties of beta 1,3-glucans.

Biopolymer Engineering, Inc. is a leading biotechnology company in the field of natural complex carbohydrates or biopolymers. The company is developing carbohydrate-based products for a wide range of therapeutic, consumer and industrial applications. Founded in 1997 and based in Eagan, Minnesota, the company has built a strong technology platform of patented and proprietary intellectual property relating to its carbohydrate-based products. Website: .

SOURCE Biopolymer Engineering, Inc.

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