Bioriginal Extends Flavored EFA Oil Portfolio

Bioriginal’s comprehensive portfolio of essential fatty acid (EFA) based products has been extended with a new improved range of flavored omega-3, 6 and 9 oils.

Designed to appeal to children and adults alike, the oils are available in a delicious range of fruity, nutty or spice-based flavors.

The range has been introduced in response to an upsurge in consumer demand for EFAs, following research that has demonstrated their numerous health benefits. Strong links between DHA intake (docosahexaenoic acid) and healthy brain development in children, coupled with a greater awareness of omega-3’s role in preventing heart disease and lowering the risk of heart attack, are driving this demand.

Adrian Hughes, technical director at Bioriginal said: “At Bioriginal, we work closely with our customers to deliver solutions tailored to their requirements. Now, the well-documented health benefits of omega-3, 6 and 9s are available in tasty flavored oils to help manufacturers boost consumer appeal.

“The improved range of flavored EFA oil products, combined with Bioriginal’s world leading standards in quality and service, allow manufacturers to meet a growing demand for innovative omega oil supplements certified to the highest purity standards.”

EFAs are vital nutrients that are available only through diet or supplementation. Ongoing studies indicate the important role EFAs play in promoting general health and well-being. Bioriginal offers EFA oils globally in a range of delivery forms which include bottles, capsules, oil blends, powders, and bulk oils. High quality products are backed with a strong technical base, applications expertise and an innovative, solutions-based approach.


For further information please contact: Bioriginal, 102 Melville Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7J 0R1, Canada. Tel: (306) 975 1166 Fax: (306) 242 3829
Email: Or visit:

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