Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. Officially Registered with the FDA in Compliance with Bioterrorism Regulations

Saskatoon, SK Canada - Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. announced its successful registration in compliance with the U.S. Bioterrorism Act, as of October 31, 2003.

This registration is necessary for domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, process, pack or hold dietary supplements and dietary ingredients for human consumption destined for the US market.

Bioriginal had no trouble meeting the FDA’s stringent criteria for registration, as the company has always been committed to setting the highest quality standards, assuring its customer of the safety, security and reliability of its products.

In the event of a potential or actual bioterrorism incident or an outbreak of food-borne illness, facility registration information will help the FDA to determine the location and source of the event and permit the agency to quickly notify facilities that may be affected.

Since 1993, Bioriginal has grown to be the world’s leading supplier of essential fatty acids, with a distribution network that spans six continents and includes offices in Canada, Europe and China. In addition to its signature flax and borage oils, Bioriginal delivers EFA oils from evening primrose, black currant and fish. They also produce organic flaxseed products and custom formulations targeting specific health concerns. EFA products are used in a growing number of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and functional foods as well as health and beauty products, animal feed and pet and veterinary products.

For additional information on Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. and its products, please visit


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