Bioriginal Renovates Website

Saskatoon, SK Canada – Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. has announced a redesigned look and new features for the company’s corporate site – The leading supplier of essential fatty acids (EFAs) has revamped its site to be an EFA resource center for media and branded manufacturers.

The new Media Center section features corporate information as well as story ideas, sample interview questions, press releases and a media kit. Journalists and reporters are invited to use the site to learn more about the EFA industry and to contact Bioriginal for additional information and media interviews.

Special sections of interest to manufacturers include:

Instant access to product listings
Password access to more than 1000 abstracts of published research
Easy-to-understand EFA Glossary and FAQs section for answers to common customer and retailer questions
Download-ready articles, position papers, condition-specific technical briefings and recipes from the Marketing Support section for use in newsletters, mailouts and other marketing materials

If you have questions about our site or would like additional information on Bioriginal and its products, please contact Carol Reynolds at [email protected] or (306) 975-9614.


Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Bioriginal is the world’s leading supplier of essential fatty acids, with a distribution network which spans six continents and includes offices in Canada, Europe and China. In addition to our signature flax and borage oils, Bioriginal delivers EFA oils from evening primrose, black currant and fish. Bioriginal also produces organic flaxseed products and custom formulations targeting specific health concerns.

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