Biosential Announces Fit Foods as Their Exclusive Worldwide Distributor

Effective immediately, Biosential’s Zenbev® will be distributed worldwide by Fit Foods Ltd.

Zenbev® Drink Mix is a powdered beverage mix that provides the ingredients the brain needs to prompt the natural production of serotonin and melatonin. It is comprised of food ingredients which, when combined in this carefully calibrated formula, deliver much more than nutrition. Its primary ingredient, pumpkinseed flour, is a natural source of tryptophan that can ameliorate insomnia and anxiety without any hangover effect. Zenbev® is all natural, Certified Organic and works within the brain’s own natural chemistry to provide a food source of tryptophan that the body recognizes and uses to provide a natural calm and natural sleep.

In a health climate that often polarizes the medical and the natural, principals Craig & Susan Hudson operate from an appreciation of the advances and potential of medical research and seek to leverage the benefits of modern science with a healthy respect for the nutritional needs of the whole person. “Fit Foods has been at the forefront of the industry for many years and we are extremely pleased to be working with them as we grow globally” Says Dr. Craig Hudson. “We really like the synergy between Biosential and Fit Foods with our mutual desire to bring scientifically backed natural products to market.”

Fit Foods has recently added a number of exciting brands to their established distribution network. “Zenbev® is a unique product with clinical research to prove its efficacy. With our own North Coast Naturals line of clean and natural products we welcome reputable products and brands to our network that compliment what we already do.” Says Greg Cowan, Director of Sales Fit Foods.

Biosential Inc. was founded in 1997 by Craig Hudson, MD and his wife Susan Hudson and is based in Toronto, Ontario. In the past 10 years Biosential has grown from an idea that wouldn’t go away to a global entity dedicated to developing, testing, manufacturing and distributing quality functional foods. With a view to treat the body using food where possible instead of medications, these functional foods take advantage of established scientific advances and tweak them through a nutritional rather than chemical lens.

Fit Foods Ltd. was founded in 1996 by President and CEO Jim McMahon under the name PVL Nutrients. Fit Foods formulates and manufactures sport nutrition and healthy lifestyle products in Vancouver, British Columbia. The extensive line of protein powders, meal replacements, weight gainers and healthy lifestyle products has earned Fit Foods international recognition for superior tasting, quality products and a leading position in the market place. Fit Foods brands are distributed worldwide in more than 56 countries and include North Coast Naturals, Whey Gourmet and PVL. Recently, Fit Foods has become a full distribution company acquiring the exclusive rights to several brands including CLICK, TOCHA TEA, Herbal Clean and Zenbev®.

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